Invest in my villa!

Well guys, as some of you may have seen already im working on my villa still and im constantly using up all my supplies. If i’m going to get this done soon before Halo 4 is out, im going to need some help. Since i know many of you don’t really like giving away free stuff i’ve come up with a solution.

Invest in my villa by either giving me money or supplies, and ill pay you back 100%,plus you can have a free home of your choice, and ill give you some interest as well. I will pay you all back when I finish. If im unable to pay you back, ill work for you for a reasonable amount of time that would compensate for the items/money.

If your willing to give me supplies that would be amazing!
I need…

-Smooth sandstone
-Smooth Stone brick
-End stone

I will update this list when i need some more supplies im unable to get.

Im also accepting donations if your willing to, i would be forever great full! But i think you would be better off if you invested (;

And also, im collecting feedback on this, so if your happen to be in the villa and come across something you dont like that could be improves PLEASE tell me so i can fix it! If you want me to add something to make it look better PLEASE tell me! All constructive feedback is welcome here! It doesnt hurt my feelings 1 bit if you find a part of the villa you dont like or something you want to add, just tell me and ill do it! Im trying to make this perfect so you’d be doing me a big favor.

Thanks everyone!

Here’s some pictures of my progress and what your investing in.

P.S. If you did happen to invest for me, please post below what you’ve invested so I remember exactly what to give you back when im done. I don’t have the best memory you know…

Donated 10k. No need to pay me back :3

Ive got 2 stacks of stone plus $500 that ill give you. <3 ka

Paid all of the money I had left.

ill go minning for you ymb, and next time im in a desert, ill get you some sandstone

I will donate 1k and invest 4k, might even have some sandstone somewhere for you

EDIT: I donated 2.5k and invested 2.5k

Good lord I love that villa! In case anyone is not aware yet, it is a fantastic replica of the villa from Assassin’s Creed.

This is a project I have already donated too, but I would love to do more. Next time I am on, I will get some supplies for ya. Do you have a donation center were we can drop stuff off for you? We can even lock it with your name if needed.

I already have the location saved, but we will need coords for where to drop off supplies for you.

Donated before thread was made!

  • Stack of D blocks
  • Multiple Stacks of Smooth/Chisled Sandstone
  • Pickaxes

Anyways – Love the progress YMB!

I don’t have much to donate, but I’ll help build if its needed! I’ll check what I have spare next time I’m on.

Constructive feedback:
Dood. 2 many cubez. Maek it oot of trianglz.

Ill try and give u as much as possible because i wanna c this finished. me and my friend are hardcore Assassins Creed Fans! :smiley:

As am I! Although I don’t really like the first game that much. Probably because I got used to the parcour on Revelations first, which is a LOT smoother. Missions on the first one seem a bit repetitive too, and the guards are too edgy. I didn’t even realise this was the Villa from AC until Kyle pointed it out xD

Thank you all very VERY much! It means a lot to me that you all care so much about my villa :smiley: i promise ill try to get it finished before november!

If anyone would like to help me though with a few things, i could use help with interior decorating, if any of you guys are good at that. And also i need a piston door to be made. All the supplies needed are on me, everything needed is in my chests so if your able to help then just tell me or tp to the cords -2386 65 -1517. Theirs a donation chest there as well.

Thanks again everyone!

Oh wow, this is amazing! I really love it, I don’t have the full game yet :frowning: so I can’t really help you out… but I plan on getting it soon! :slight_smile:

Wow ymb i saw this when it was at the start of construction it was good but now… i-it’s amazing to see how far it’s come is great

Unfortunately I can’t come in person and see it but the villa is GREAT! And since I too, am a hardcore AC fan thats just a pleasant bonus. Unfortunately, I can’t donate but I want you to know how good of a job you are doing. :stuck_out_tongue:

-My current progress-
~Finishing the city wall’s
~Added more buildings
~Made it where snow doesnt cover

-To do-
~Add warp
~Finish off the cliffside
~Add the rest of the buildings
~Finish furnishing town hall
~Add parkour elements
~Decorate the buildings more
~Bake a cake

-Supplies I need-
~Stone brick (So I can finish my walls)
~Smooth sandstone (For the buildings)
~Endstone (For the pathway’s)
~Admin or SOP to help me finish the cliff
And thats it. If anyone can donate those supplies to me or invest it I would be very grateful. Thanks!

Here’s the pics of my new progress.


^+1 cause it really is. That snow just makes it look beautiful. Good progress bro :stuck_out_tongue:


I can help with the cliff and parcour planning if you want. Add me on skype and message me when you’re on :smiley:

YMB if you still need the supplies i have a bunch of smooth stone left so i can give you that.
Holar at me next time you see me.