Incentive to play survival

I played on this server about a year ago and then a came back to it a few weeks ago (my name was carolm) and i noticed something instantly. Nobody is playing survival anymore. I know this is a weird claim to make I just want some way people will play survival. Maybe have like weekly event where it’s a “survival night”. I honestly do not know what to do I just want to play with people in survival like the old days.

I’ve noticed this as well. I don’t play as much as I did a while ago, partially because I’m almost always the only one on the survival server. Why continue work on an underwater apartment complex when there’s no demand for housing?

Well, the demand of players seem to be mainly creative, but remember, there are still a lot of people who play survival, the reason you might not see a lot of people is probably due to the time zone difference, or simply just players who remain silent while playing survival

Like me :wink:

Well… The reason I NEVER play survival is the fact that you die. You have to gather resources. You cannot have unlimited amounts. I mean, that’s ‘‘realistic’’ and all, but I’m into building harbors, cities - things that need like 8,000 or more blocks. In my opinion, survival is a de-motivator to play PCB when I die. I’d rather just play Creative. Not to mention its just frustrating. Sorry to all people who like survival, just my opinion, no need to take it seriously.

 I do like to play with other players on survival. And, I would like it if there was a survival night. Maybe not on the PCB server, but on a private server. I'm not saying we should, but as a thought.

I get what you’re going at, in fact I almost feel the same way. Survival was fun at times where there were more players in it. Due to lack of the survival hype these days, the market economy has also died down so I don’t go on survival as often.

However it would be really awesome to have the survival hype back again sometimes :slight_smile:

In survival, you have to gather resources, battle for your life regardless of whether you want to or not, and keep going back-and-forth to your mine when you’re exactly one block short of something. Not to mention the lack of flying for most people, or the trouble you could have when you’ve built something exactly one block too far in a certain direction and (almost) nobody has w/e in survival and can correct it.

In creative, you skip all of this and get straight to the fun part - building.

I and my friend mostly play survival we live in the UK

I was always on survival =)

On Vanilla Minecraft I would only ever do Creative, because really in Survival there is no levelling system… You dig for a bit, get diamond everything, and then that’s it.
Gathering resources is just a chore that doesn’t really need to be done and so you wouldn’t do if you get the chance. Yes, maybe you get a proud feeling if you complete a small castle from resources you’ve gathered, but you would get an equally proud feeling if you complete a huge castle in creative, and you would do that in a fraction of the time, while looking a lot more impressive.
I would only play Survival in ftb, where you do have a sort of levelling system. You mine for a bit, yes, but then you get a quarry which does the mining for you, and then using the resources you get from the quarry you make machines which let you get more out of what you mine and then you make machines which can make machines which can make a machine to defend you from the mobs outside, and then you can build more machines to make you amazing weapons and armour that you can use to defeat the wither, and then you can use the nether star to make even better armour and weapons to help you defeat the ender dragon, and then you can use the egg of the dragon to make amazing weapons and armour that help you defeat the even better monsters that the mods you have get you and all this while you have lived in an awesome base that you have made from the resources that you have obtained from your quarry, and this base has racks upon racks of machines that have helped you get this far. Or you could go down the magic route and do some rather tedious stuff that takes ages. Levelling like this is what entices me to survival minecraft, not wood pick then stone pick then iron pick then diamond armour then done.

Yes it is getting all the above yourself or with a friend/friends - that makes survival such a challenge. A bit like real life - that is a challenge.

You can look back on what you have built - it may have taken hours but you did it all yourselves, with items you resourced.

Whereas in Creative yes you have to design and build but you have all the items to hand so the survival challenge isn’t there.

I find it is nice to do both that way you have the best of both worlds.

Agreed and well put Buster!

With me Im one way or another. It really depends who is online for me because I do like to engage in Creative projects but when I do have my survival co-owner of my city online I always feel like I should attend to my city and keep adding on to it. I mean a lot of people mostly play creative and I tried to resurrect Survival by engaging people to join my city (occasionally I still do), but when nobody wants to play survival it just makes it boring for yourself.

I find it funny that some of you guys don’t play survival because it’s too challenging. I find that it isn’t challenging enough any more to the point that it’s boring. That’s why I always play the modpacks we run.

It’s fun to be an all powerful being and watching the world get torn apart by a swing of your pickaxe.

I don’t play Survival not because it’s challenging, because you’re right that it’s not challenging enough, it’s because its unbelievably dull.
All you do is mine. And then at nights you have some mobs come at you, when you hide inside or go mining.
And that’s it. All there is to MC.

The reason I don’t play survival is because my personal version of MC is more architectural. I like to experiment with new designs and try out building styles so it wouldn’t be as efficient to play survival for my purpose.

And, to me, building something large in Creative gives the same effect as it would in survival: it takes patience to build something in creative without W/E, and that’s why I wouldn’t use it even if I had it. It’s no fun building everything with W/E. (Roads are an exception :3 )

I don’t very often do ‘castles’ big or small Max and no the achievement in what I do would not be the same in creative it would be different, yes, but not the same.

It wouldn’t do for all of us to be the same - or to play the game the same way.
How boring that would be then!
You and many others play it one way and I and many others play it ours.

I much prefer to struggle with what life or the game throws at me and get through it on my own or with friends. lol