imlegos - So long ago...


Minecraft Username imlegos

Date of Ban So long ago…
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Not sure anymore…

Reason for Ban From what i remember, i was first banned on the tekkit server for stealing a pick out of my own repair chest… in my own stupidity i raged at the admins about it.

Reason to be Unbanned It’s been years, and i’d like to rejoin a community i once enjoyed being with after so long…

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
[ !! ] Do not edit this post or the formatting will break.

I should probably also note that my old PCB account was tied to a admin’s email as i had none…


  1. Banned from tekkit, appealed
  2. Banned from survival/creative because of the threats on that post
  3. Appealed, denied.

Banned by @Johnathan

Ima leave this up to staff in general.

From what I’ve read here in the forums, lego threatened the server by saying he would track down a “master griefer” to “destroy everything”. It was rude and childish, but I think he deserves a second chance, not because it’s been 2 years since then but because I talked with him in-game and he seems far more mature and even regretful of his actions in the past.

I mean, his actions were laughably immature, and all-around over-reacting. However, the actual threat he posed was minimal. If John is neutral, well, might as well give the guy a chance as he’s served some major time for ‘being annoying’.

So, i take it i’m still banned…

So far, 2 staff in favour of unbanning, 2 in favour of keeping you banned. I’d leave it for another day or so and see if that result swings one way.

I have no objections if he were to start again then we just reban simple.

2/1 vote in my favor… I’m actually kind of surprised…

Hi imlegos,
The staff have decided that you deserve a second change.

[size=18pt]… BUT

You will have no more chances, there will be no excuses. You will not threaten anyone or the server (community). You are under strict watch by all staff, and will be monitored on the forums and in game.

Good luck, and do not fuck it up.

See you in in game.

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