I'm trying a take 2, don't be *mad* just me. finlays chuchuk

fukc me up

i hate it

First of all you just appealed and got denied.

Second of all at least do the appeal properly, Previous appeals should say 2. The Name for the thread should be your username.

In regards to the title, of course I’m going to be irritated. Your appeal was denied and you just make another one rather than taking some time to reflect and learn from your mistakes. You are just wasting my time now.

Finlay, your appeals have to be the least sincere appeals I’ve ever had to respond. When you make a mistake you apologise - you don’t make excuses and blame other people.

Why wouldn’t you just break them then? As for knowing you did something wrong I’m sorry but after your last appeal that sounds like a complete lie. You hadn’t read the rules for the server until after you were banned:

I wanted to see a genuine apology not this sorry attempt at one that constantly blame other people or tries to make insincere excuses. I don’t care if you built a town and your rank is irrelevant. Even if you had been an OP or a fellow SOP I would have dragged you over the coals for this.

You’re city doesn’t give you a free pass to do what you want and truthfully means nothing to a ban appeal. We prefer good players over good builders. This is more than just a build server. Its a community.

Don’t blame us, all you had to do was post on discord or on the forums with Some Co-ords and someone would have dealt with. We actually watch the Support channel quite seriously - why do you think I get annoyed so much when you all use #support for the wrong things.

You are going to remain Banned. Maybe try again in a few months.

[Edit]: Almost completely sure that when you asked for help removing minecarts that you were asking for help for Atro City NOT Aastivan. You did not ask for help for Aastivan from what I can tell so that’s just another lie to add to the list. In the future when you make a mistake, Own up to it, apologise and try to find a way to rectify it. Don’t lie and deflect, that is the most insincere thing you can do

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