Minecraft Username: Finlays_chuchuk

Date of Ban: 26/10/2018

Banned by: emfitty

Reason for Ban: Infinite redstone loop(and others)

Reason to be Unbanned: tell me what that even means i cant join the server one day. this is so sad. after playing 3 years, i get banned for whatever this is. Go delete all the minecarts over at AtroCity there are like more than 1 million.

i tried to get rid of all the lag stuff redstone machines but i missed a few im embarassing myself

Previous appeals: for accidentally getting a warp: 3 day ban

You were banned by me.
First things first, you previous temp ban was for impersonating staff not accidentally getting a warp. We were quite generous by only giving you a 3 day temp ban at the time. You also missed a ban you were banned around when you started for building on someone else island. (7/08/2017)

Next major thing to note, you’ve been on the server for almost three years. Have you even read the rules?

Also you said that you tried to get rid of all the redstone that was creating lag. Obviously you knew it was causing lag so why would you make them in the first place? Also how many was there? I had to stop 3 infinite redstone loops.

On top of that, I had to nuke all your minecarts, I don’t get why you felt the need to purposefully generate that much noise and lag. They had no other purpose.

I would like to note that the ridiculous Lag everyone has been experiencing for the past few days was caused by You. This isn’t an Achievement just a disappointment. The only reason I worked it out was that I noticed the lag was directly related to whether you were online or not.

EDIT: Your ban is now also for having unobtainable items

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TLDR please fix me i tried.
ok can i have all my city for me and ill leave you alone again unless i can come back
please i spent 3 months of my life on the server for socializing and building. i needa go bye this reply is going to ruin my pcb

that’s why i went and tried to remove everything that i left around whatever i tried because of the things that destroy your sound when you get near but whatever :c not trying to milk or sympathetic you but i built it, had a fcking seizure and forgot about it until i deleted it all .I’m going to die if i loose all my work i built solo even though I’m on my own time, i am being a spaz and breaking walls but try and tell me what you think i look like outside of my body , i need something to occupy my time and i tried something that broke me but I’m sorry and crying tight now i dont know what to say so all this is fake because i cant handle this. man i don’t know what to do which is permanent and be proud of, i did a paragraph on my city in ela. i spent more time on minecaraft than ever before when i wanted to see hacked items in the game using /inv and that is not what i need so ill go on this m o n o l o g u e of me saying stuff i don’t need to.
I’m going to kill myself on mc if i never i mean never die from this because i never got to finish my huge building to make all my ideas while also not being lonely because i never have any time to spend with friends so I’m gonna act “depressed” by pretending to be lonely because I’m bored half the weekend and all my motivation dies out when i design my building i seem like someone who id do ill never ever bring in things that break the game and stick to my own shit I’m sorry but this is a long sentence that is. this is the only thing I’ve really spent my time on and everything i had in my chest is deleted you can ban it if you want but this is the end of my super long and boring piece of shit monologue which i spent all my anger and sadness into because I’m a little dude who is desperate to stay on something that i feel like will implode if i take one step without warning bye bye the end so long (unless I’m unbanned) these are just “little happy memories” I wonder where ill put my motivation into next why did you read all the way to the end anyway? not gonna complain but. this doesn’t sound serious. please unban me. don’t take this seriously oh god what have i done?? wasted time. : ( just delete atrocity its in my way.fuckme

oops sorry just got your message :frowning:

Finlay I need you to respond properly and clearly if you want me to take this ban appeal seriously. If you aren’t at least willing to do that then I’ll just leaved you ban.

Your original ban wasn’t for the stuff in Atrocity but finding that just after we banned you was certainly not a good look.
The main reason for your ban was three infinite redstone loops in Aastivan and a laggy as hell room filled with glitching Minecarts thanks to the running water.

Just these created extreme lag for the server but you clearly knew they were doing it so why did you do it in the first place?

If you were having trouble removing it why didn’t you say something to staff? We would have been much more understanding and you probably only would have received a temp ban or warning. People make mistakes and its much better to own up to it than wait for one of us to just find it.

In all honesty, I’m kind of sick of giving you chances. I’m questioning whether you ever read the rules or you think its a joke. This isn’t funny. You disrupted the game play of everyone who was online when you were.

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First I was with some other player people and we were launching minecarts with tnt, and they ran away, and making statues out of minecarts, and watching stack minecarts jump around and we was too lazy to clean up, and I was the only one left, but didn’t have time at all, ever, it was easier to place than to destroy, so I left it up to wait for higher ranked staff. I didn’t do it out of spite.
Okay so basically I made that room I really don’t know why, and I went and asked a staff if they could help remove it, and they tried but couldn’t so I spent an hour trying to delete them all around the area because. a lot of the minecarts in atrocity were made by me and others, but since my city was getting super close to atrocity, I asked that help, which I couldn’t get, I also found a shit pile of cobblestone, almost nobody came to help delete it. I totally forgot about the redstone, it was off my mind but it was stupid in the first place so I don’t know why the fuck I went in and did that, I need my adhd medicine : (. I am not joking I really need to be ended.

You really aren’t understanding, your ban had NOTHING to do with atro city we found all that later. Everything we found in your city was created by you so don’t try and blame others. That room full of Minecarts and the infinite redstone loops were found in AASTIVAN.

All I want to know is why. Its fine that you wanted to clean up Atro city, I see you even asked Matt for help and you did the right thing regarding that mess. Which we did end up cleaning up. There’s no longer redstone loops and minecarts there but even if we ignored it, you’d still be banned for the stuff in Aastivan.

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Wait I literally don’t know any loops in Aastivan, if I did, they would’ve been gone, I have a guess I might’ve been testing my 7-year-old computer but that sounds like bullshit, so leave it up to you, I’m still trying to understand me. I probably couldn’t find the loops anyway, my fault, I don’t know how to remove these things without commands? I’m sorry about being hard with people. Please I donated 20 dollars when I first joined.

(off topic): I’m not lying about the minecarts in Atrocity though.

(sorry 'bout the shit, it’s hard to understand through media)
I’m cringing

I found them doing a tppos to your last location after I realised the drop in Tps was related to whether you were online

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Oh, I didn’t know that! I don’t understand anything now, tell me how to live better on this server, please.
"There’s more to Finlays_chuchuk than meets the eye! F is the best letter! Bad accident!
I understand from your point of view, I’M nOt LiKe OtHeR pLaYeRs I like players. I love this please no!!

You built the stuff, you would have known it was there if you didn’t know the rules, tough luck. I’m not going to tell you “how to live better on this server” all you had to do was follow the server rules.

If after almost 3 years you still haven’t read them I doubt unbanning you is going to make a difference. You broke 3 separate rules and we’ve already been lenient twice before.

You will remain banned.

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Wait, you mean I will never get a ‘chance’ be unbanned, like at all?

Perhaps in the future you can consider appealing again but for now I don’t think you care you did something wrong, you only care you got caught. I’m not convinced you’ve read the server rules or ever will.

Once you’ve learnt to accept your mistakes and stop making excuses things might change.

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im not even going to try

The answering isn’t changing I can’t believe its taken you this long just to read the server rules. You really don’t have an excuse.

Locking this up now.

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