I'm still alive, I promise

I’ve decided that since I have been gone for a prolonged amount of time, that I should reintroduce myself to the community. Specifically to the new faces to our growing community. So once again, I welcome you the the PCB community, if I have missed you in game.

Hey, I’m John, I am 18 and currently in a local college. I am currently enrolled in 15 credit hours, majoring in Computer Forensics. I am in the process of trying out for my school’s CCDC team (Cyber Security). During the evenings, I am an assistant manager at both of my town’s Dairy Queens, so I work 50ish hours a week, on top of school.

I’d like to let you know that if you ever have a question answered, I am more than willing to help you answer it. If you ever have family, friend, or school issues, that I am more than willing to help, if you are willing to ask.

Nice to meet you, John.

i like Dairy Queen :stuck_out_tongue:

This is actually a really good idea for those of us who don’t get on the server much.

I’m Liam, 20, about to go into my third year of university studying Environmental Earth Science (which is pretty much just geology, with some extra bits). Currently helping to run two societies at uni, which along with my studies is taking up a lot of time. Normal lectures plus a main research project which will count towards most of my third year, things are going to get hectic pretty fast… :stuck_out_tongue:

Main hobby is music, I play guitar and bass. So yeah, as with John, any questions, ask away!

Well since reintroductions seem to be a thing:

I’m Meta, although my actual name is also John. 20 years old. Currently a senior at The United States Military Academy, majoring in Computer Science. Currently taking 20 credit hours. Hoping to branch cyber or signal corps next year (I’ll remain in the US Army for at least the next 8 years). I read novels and play games n shit (obviously). My steam account is Metazealot.

I tend to play cyclically; summer training or heavy academics will come punch me in the gut for awhile so i’ll be inactive, and then i’ll come back. Currently I’ve been back for a week or two. Looking forward to seeing you all out there on the server :stuck_out_tongue:

Not much to say. About to study Analytical Chemistry in college. I really do love chemistry. I also love to read, my favourites would be Roadside Picnic or H.P. Lovecraft’s works. I religiously play Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

I work in a bar on weekends. I thought it’d be great considering I like to get drunk, but no, it’s a ballbusting job.

I dunno, I can’t think of much else.

What societies? I’m planning on joining a Hot Beverage Society once I start up. I actually plan on joining anything and everything really.

Geography (GeogSoc) - Basically a drinking group. We organise socials every Tuesday where we go on a pub crawl around town. Also help people out with questions about work stuff, we do a few trips around the local area, paintballing etc.

Env. Earth Science - Unofficial society (we don’t get any money from the students union to run stuff) but it’s pretty much the same as GeogSoc, but less frequent socials.

I decided to apply for committee positions of both as it’ll look good on a CV whilst being fun to do. I basically do the publicity for both, advertising it, using the twitter/facebook pages, updating a noticeboard, that kind of thing.

I really recommend joining societies, they’re a great way to meet people, make friends outside of your course and flatmates. Extra people to know!

Might as well do me (Fun fact: I never made an official intro post)

I’m Amphi, my real name is Spencer, and I’m 15 years old. I live in the United States, and I’m a sophomore in high school. My ambitions are to teach English as a foreign language (to those who don’t currently speak it). I love languages, and I take higher-level English, as well as French, Spanish, and Japanese. I’ve taken French for 9 years and I hope to be fluent by graduation. Apart from languages, I love anthropology, and I’ve studied Japanese culture for a couple years or so. I’m a photographer as well, and, after learning that my camera takes decent video, I’ve begun into the world of cinematography!

That’s me!

googles sophomore and is disappointed
Dammit i thought that was a choir thing or something…

Anyway, I’m Yoshi, my real name and basically everything about me is censored because my parents are terrified that if I put even the slightest bit of irl information about me on the internet, even if it’s a close-knit community where basically everyone knows who I am, I will be stalked and immediately kidnapped, raped by internet pedophiles and probably murdered while I’m at it. I’ve managed to get suckered into taking 14 subjects for GCSE (Maths, English Lit, English Lang, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, RS, French, Design & Technology, Music, Geography, Mandarin, Economics and Computer Science), and since I’m starting year 10 next month, I might be much less active than I try to be. (As you may have guessed by the extensive list above, I am part asian)
As for the non-academic side of my life, I enjoy writing books (actual books, not like 20-page mario fan-fiction written in all caps in size 48 font), and making music. You can check out the former whenever I get my website up, and the latter at soundcloud.com/yoshiboy13 .
I’m planning to be an accountant, since I’m already a drain on society, might as well make a job out of it.

Takes lots of subjects

Asian confirmed ;D

Since this is a thing, and I haven’t really done one yet.

Hi! I’m LordErikir, past username was jia0020. Real Name is Eric (obviously) and I am 18, currently finishing year 12 (VCE - Victoria, Australia) with Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Physics and English Language did 2 year 12 subjects last year with Chinese Second Language and Economics, and 1 year 12 subject in year 10 which was IT: Applications.

I love many things: IT (mainly programming and networking), Gaming (obviously) and Maths/Science (especially hard/challenging maths). I’m trying to get into a IT course for Uni, mainly: Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Majoring in Telecomms), but anything that interests me will actually do.

Hi, i’m Joshua, my lucky number is 4. 'Nuff said…

Apparently this is the rant about school thread now, and I’ve never made formal introductions on here…

Hi, I’m Angel. I am a junior in high school in North Carolina. I’m taking six college credit hours (Calculus III, Differential Equations) and AP English Language and Composition, US History, Computer Science, and Environmental Science.

In the past two years, I’ve also taken AP Mandarin Chinese, Calculus AB/BC, and World History.

I’m planning to major in computer science or computer engineering at this point, but not sure exactly which one I want to do yet.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing violin, but I like the piano even more. Electronic music is always fun to mess with, but I don’t have a MIDI keyboard, so it’s also a pain. I can still dream though. I also enjoy coding random little crap to make my life easier. I am @alebcay on GitHub.

Wow, you program as well. Nice.

I also have a github account https://github.com/jia0020/IntFix-Enterprise

Dang… I was going to try to hunt you down. Onto the next target I guess (Joking, btw)


My name’s David both in-game and in real life and I live in England, I’m 16 years old turning 17 in November and have recently finished my GCSE’s or (after reading a lot on the student room in the past) something similar to a high school diploma in the US. I’m about to start my A levels in September, where I’ll study English Language & Literature, Sociology, Government & Politics, and Geography. :slight_smile:

Outside of education I occupy myself with a lot of music, creating Art, mostly drawings and paintings, and feeling like I’m born in the wrong time period. (Being born in 1980 would be just right for me to experience a lot of my favourite music and sub-cultures happing at the time mostly in the UK)

I also am not a 100% sure what career I would ever get involved in, because although I will go through university and hopefully find employment afterwards, but I’d rather just travel and explore the world and have fun ya know?

Well, ain’t that the right attitude to life.


This is basically me

This thread has sorta derailed. Look at what you have done John!

I’m Kyle (not my real name, but paranoia). Late 20’s here. Graduated college with a focus on IT. Networking specifically. Sadly don’t use the degree since I’m still in the job I had when I started college. Not a crappy job, but not great either. Lots of customer service.

I’d like to say I mostly maintain FTB, but lately it has been kinda down. Sacred and Crass (and Fatso?) help maintain it too. I pop on the main server every so often to check things out, and I respond to technical issues. The current issue with players crashing the server when they log in is beyond my fixing powers as far as I can tell. No idea what’s causing that.

I’m an anime fan, gamer, and techie pretty much. Oh, and go ask John if you have any questions… kidding, I’m open too.

So apparently this is still a thing… =p

Literally just wrote my own intro, but people seem to actually be reading this one xD

Username is Rivernymph, I go by River or Krys. 21, Senior at the US Military Academy (Same school as Meta). Computer Science major with an interest in joining the Cyber branch of the Army.

I’m a nerd in almost all frames of the word. The few exceptions are things like anime and Yugioh/pokemon style card games. I,m a newbie into DnD… Currently in the process of starting a campaign wth some school buddies. We’ll see how it goes. I love cats and Star Trek and Irish Dance and Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings and computer games and Magic the Gathering and Space and technology. Aaaaaaand yeah, that’s me in a nutshell.