If you could move anywhere..

I thought the forums needed other fun ‘get to know each other’ thread.
So, here is my question-
If you could move anywhere in the world where would you move to?

I would move to either Stockholm in Sweden or Seoul in South Korea. Since I have heard nothing but positive things about them and also I just love the culture in both countries!

Canada or Japan most likely

Me too!


England. I feel I could fit in pretty well.

Miyanoshita, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan


Kichijoji, Tokyo, Japan (I have a friend who lives there!)


Sydney, Australia.

As in, back to Sydney, Australia.

Either London or south California

The twilight zone.

Gosh you guys are dead, why do these places really interest you?. If I could have a choice in where I could live it would be New York City. There’s a ton of things to do, it’s a timeless city of modern day culture and history. Big music scene, lots of good food, overall if I lived in New York City I don’t think I’d ever find myself bored or feeling like I’ve done everything. I’d hate the taxes there but I guess that’s the price to be paid to have all these amazing things within your reach.

I’m happy with Scotland, but I’m not gonna act like I don’t think patagonia is the most amazing thing ever. That, or somewhere in Catalonia, if I ever manage to do Spanish later in life.

I like Wales.

But probably Canada. I love the scenery, there is the potential to visit states in the USA super easily (compared to visiting from the UK), plenty of things to do whether it’s city or countryside related. Awesome skiing trips too.

If I was to choose a US state it would be Colorado. Again, I love the scenery. It’s my favourite state that I’ve been to.

I’m not a city person, but I like the convenience of being near a city for the sake of music, sporting events, even shopping.

I am definitely moving to Los Angeles, California when I finish college but I would like to get to know Japan culture more and stuff but I really like the U.S. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to get away from New York, as I dislike this state, and move back to the southeast. However I would definitely like to see Japan someday.


I’m actually very happy in London… :smiley: Born and bred there!

But, I wouldn’t mind living for a couple of years somewhere else. I’ve done Canada for 4 years, that was pretty awesome. Probably New York or Hong-Kong. But only for a couple of years.

Moving to another country is always pretty traumatic. At first you’re fascinated by everything you see, then everything annoys you (Like literally everything) and then gradually you get used to your new country but that can take up to a year!

So right now, I’m happy to be back home and I don’t feel like moving much :smiley:

Personally i think Narnia would be a cool place to live, if not then i am good staying in England.

I’ve lived in New York City. It’s pretty cool. I like Japan more ;D

@Metazealot I hope you do! In my opinion, it’s a really fascinating and enthralling culture.

@CouragetheTiger If you have any Japanese-related questions, feel free to ask me! I’ve been studying their culture for almost 2 years.

I would move to Australia :smiley: But after college I might move to northern california

A photo taken on holiday. One of the many views from the Durango to Silverton train line. Scenery.

But I mean, what you said is a bonus too I guess…

Either London France or Germany

London because I’ve been there for 5 years before and i’m familiar with it

France because further studies n art n shit

Germany… You know what i haven’t a clue but it seems like a real nice place