i sorry for this agin but the link does not work

i just tried to log on and it says i was banned for gerifing narfin and i dont even know where he lives or what city or what city and the only time i got on was this weekend on saturday and you can ask nick 1523 i was with him the whole other time till now i have not even played minecraft so this is bad this is twice now i am not a greifer i have never been and will never be i love pcb i think its the greatist server ever i dont know if my account has been hacked or what cause last time it was my brother and hes a hacker but i really hate greifing and i dont like to have it done to me or others all i want to do is build my small city with nick and nick inc or sword master you know i am not out to da all the greifing

You griefed narfins chests and destroyed his nether portal. Log block doesn’t lie.


i dont ever remeber doing anything to a portal

Looks like another hacker eh?.. U expect us to believe your excuse again? From the attitude your showing us your not really doing good on convincing me to unbanning u. Remember u are reposible for other peoples actions when they get on your account ok? Until more evidence is shown you are staying banned,is that ok with u other ops?
no doulble posting. U have been warned

fine im sorry for double posting and i guess im going to miss the sever its the only one that is any good and all the work i put in for nothing

Wait did u just tell us u were the greifer? Don’t give up hope yet… We need a bit more evidence. Besides we may be nice to u since yo bro is a hacker T_T

no i was saying i double posted but ya he goes to a programing school and everything it sukz but hes moving out in a week so ya

wait what?

so your brother got to your account?

dude lock your comp…

and how does one destroy a chest? i thought it had a “magical lock” on it…and a portal?..

when did the first time happen?

idk ive been at my friends house all weeknd and i got on his computer once and i do lock it hes a computer wizard but hes leaving so thats it out of him

Honestly, I doubt that your brother did this. I’ve heard plenty of excuses in my day, but this is just… No. No one broke any chests. You broke into his chest room and removed his nether portal. I’d like to see narfins input on this.

i did not remove anyones portal i got the portal in forount of my house under groung using a water bucket and a dimond pickaxe the old fasion way and once agin i do not even now where he lives

I will leave this for the other ops to decide.

You are neither the one who banned him nor involved. Please refrain from saying such statements

I actually believe him. This guy is not the type that would go around breaking other people’s builds. I know because we have been some time together and he also built a whole civilization with cobble. It is hard to fight against hackers. (trust me I got hacked a few times). This does not sound like something slash would do at all. He is just a great builder.

I warned you last time. Your account is your responsibility. It’s not up to me - I didn’t ban you this time, but you should remain banned. I gave you the benefit of the doubt last time, but twice in what, 4 days? That’s neither believable or acceptable. If you knew he could get onto your comp, change the password then change your minecraft.net password and don’t tell it to remember your pass. That’s common sense after someone griefs on your account.

thanks bro you two i could not of done it with out you helping me kill creepers and zombies with our bows

i just want to add something the member soldeviljr on the server i told him about you and how great the server was and he to is aginst greifing he is building a huge chruch in creative

Here are some screenies.

like i said i was hacked and my brother is thew one he already said hell leave me alone and plus hes moving out i changed my minecraft pass and my computers so it will never happen agin