i got banned

admins i tried to login to day and i saw that i was banned for atemped at fire griefing
i want to tell you that i went out to eat and came home and my brother was on my minecraft he said he was checking out mmy server i told him it was not mine and i was knew to it and i told him the rules. he got off and i played and checked my house and my brother had a flint and steel in his hand but he had burrend down one odf my houses and thats all i thought he did but im sure he did that that u banned me for. i got mad at him just know and he we got into a fight i am really sorry and i would like to have a secound chance i will start taking my computer with me when i go im really sorry

Please use this form to appeal your ban: http://projectcitybuild.com/appeal.php

Don’t worry, I remember this. I got an alert stuff was on fire in treetop so I found out it was you and banned you. I like to give second chances so you will be unbanned. But next time you won’t be, even if it was your brother. Remember, your account is your responsibility and you are liable for anything that happens with it weather you yourself did it or not.

Can someone else unban him please? I’m not able to get on MC at the moment.

Unbanned. Locked.

this is the kind of thing that really cant be trusted. But we dont have proof so hes unbanned :slight_smile:

Um, correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought fire spreading was off. It should be impossible to burn down anything.

It was off. I think he meant he set fires in his house rather than burnt it down. And andy, you don’t have to add to resolved topics. No more posts please.