How To Donate

Donations are the only way to keep our community running!

Thank you for considering a donation to PCB. All proceeds go towards the running expenses of the server and wesbite.

Whilst you can donate any amount you like, due to payment processing fees, the minimum we would request you donate is $3 (USD).

:apple: $3 (USD) - Donating at least $3 (USD) will provide you with 1 month worth of Donator perks
:green_apple: $30 (USD) - Donating at least $30 (USD) will provide you with Donator perks for life

Donator perks:

  • In-game [$] (Donator) tag
  • Coloured nickname

You will also receive Trusted rank permissions:

  • Flying
  • Custom nicknames
  • Teleporting
  • Death chests
  • Increased home limit

How to Donate

You can donate online with a debit or credit card via Stripe:

Click here to donate →

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before donating

Please note: Unfortunately we are no longer accepting PayPal donations due to the large fees involved. You can alternatively donate using the above link - your donation will be processed by Stripe, who offer secure payment processing.

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