How To Donate


:warning: We’ve been made aware that including the word “donation” in your message may cause the payment to be held by PayPal, as we’re not a charity. Please refrain from using this word in your message.

Donations are the only way to keep our server running.

$3 USD per month or $30 USD for life.
A minimum of $3 USD will entitle you to donation status for one month.

Donator perks:

  • Coloured name

You will also receive Trusted rank permissions:

  • Flying
  • Custom nicknames
  • Teleporting
  • Death chests
  • Increased home limit

If you would like to donate please send the money through Paypal to

For members living in Australia - please select the transaction type as “sending to a friend”.
For members outside Australia - please mark the transaction type as “paying for an item or service”, otherwise PayPal will charge you a $5 fee .
Make sure you include your Minecraft username. Thank you for considering a donation to PCB. All proceeds go towards the running expenses of the server.

IMPORTANT: Once the donation has been confirmed, your status will be updated accordingly. This may take up to 24 hours. This donation is not an exchange for any in-game rewards or money in accordance with the Minecraft Terms of Services.

Please remember that donating does not exempt you from obeying the server rules. You will get no pardons or privileges regardless of how much you have donated as a donation is just that, a donation. You are not paying for a service.

Donators are required to follow these 2 specific rules.

  1. Your nickname must be something recognizable by the community so we know who you are without having to ask. (Ex. MyNameIsBob >>> BobIsOnFire)
  2. Your name colour may not resemble that of a staff rank. If you are unsure then request approval from a staff member.

If either of those are unsatisfactory to a staff member you will be asked to change it.

I was a donaor!
I paid for donor