I paid for donor


I paid $20 for donor so what is going to happen to the 20 spawn eggs that I got on the next map will I get 20 new spawn eggs will I not get 20 new spawn eggs and if I do get 20 new spawn eggs I would like to horse spawn eggs set aside for courage


If you have already been given your spawn eggs, just place them in your chests at the transfer pods. You only get the spawn eggs once.


That’s disappointing but thank you for responding and Why do I only get the spawn eggs once I paid for them and that’s kind of the reason I donated I wanted to fly get the spawn eggs and the money was just a kind of bonus



Yes you did pay for donor, but 1 spawn egg for every $1 donated. That would basically be like you are paying another 20 for the next map. You paid $20, so you get 20 spawn eggs, not a bunch every single map.


oh okay thank you for clarifying

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