How did you 'find' pcb?

In this topic you tell gow did you find pcb,
Like mine:
My story started with when i joined minecraft,
I played mp for the first time and i was joining an random city server.
It was down the day after i joined so i was searching for an city server and i saw projectcitybuild
I was ranked to initiate by kyle and i was here on pcb.

I searched mcserverlist, every server screwed me over or was whitelisted pcb was the friendliest one I found

I just was looking around on Classic to try out minecraft and Pcb was ranked at the time as one of the top servers. So I joined and was quickly promoted to builder.

Started playing Minecraft > Classic server list > Joined a few shitty servers > Gave up with Minecraft > Rediscovered it again with torrented old versions of indev > remembered I had wom > Classic server list > Thought Project City Build looked interesting > Joined > Done.

This is the 3rd server I ever joined on classic and i just kinda stayed.

just saw it…

Came in 1.7.3 and Brodur recommended it to me. First server I’ve ever played on and the only one that I’ll always stick with.

I found PCB on some sort if servers list and loved how everybody was so nice and helpful…so I stayed! Haha ^-^

Hard24get. 'Nough said.

I played a few servers and gave up on the whole multiplayer thing until Dragon showed me this one. I have never gone to another server since then. This one is way to awesome! :smiley:

I recall making a minecraft account sometime in late October 2010, and the first server I ever clicked on was PCB. Two weeks are so later, I was ranked to Op by a jukarius1. Between then, on November 6th 2010, I purchased minecaft.

PCB was recommended to me by arkger. :stuck_out_tongue: PCB was my first server actually. It was my first time playing Classic too. xD So at first I had NO idea what I was doing. But after a few nice members, i got the hang of things. I have a special place in my heart for Brodur because he was the first person to promote me. <3 :smiley:

i first started playing MC back in August of 2011 i believe. started in 1.5, but wouldn’t buy it cause i was too lazy. finally scrounged up the money and bought it. tried a few Multiplayer servers, but they were alway badly managed, and the PVP was rediculous.

gave up on Multiplayer MC, and was playing Pokemon World Online, where i was friends with Cherryred (known on there as Littlered, which is why i call her Red) we got on a MC discussion on there and she brought me over.

Started playing classic minecraft cause of my little brothers, then i was looking around for a server to join and saw the word “project city build”. What caught my eyes the most was “city”. So I joined, saw the amazing original big city and was just hooked from there. PCB has been the only server I’ve been playing on since haha.

I’m sure I’ve told this story a few times already but anyway…

Before the days of PCB, specialk and I used to play all the time on a very large Classic freebuild server. I played on it for months before eventually ranking up to OP. Unfortunately at the time there were also some corrupt OPs - one of which built an adminium wall through the map, flooded the ground and then IP banned me, claiming I had done it. I was eventually unbanned when they realised what had happened but the damage was already done. I simply left.

We took the qualities of what made that server great and evolved them into what was originally PCB classic. As friendly faces popped up, we ranked them up (I believe Kyle and NekTM were the first OPs back then) and the rest is history :slight_smile:

Goof told me about PCB and how it was awesome, so I joined with my friend’s account. Eventually bought my own, and quickly got banned soon after. Got unbanned and no here I am :stuck_out_tongue:

What account did you use? I honestly don’t remember… :stuck_out_tongue:

I was setting up my own Bukkit server, when I needed some help with the plugins. I started joining some bukkit servers, kindly asking for help. Most people refused, though Andy helped me out… that is after I got over my shock of how amazing Sandy Point looked and felt.

I’ve been off a few times, but this is the best Minecraft server I have ever played on.

I played with Zakrox on xbox when fortress-craft came out (terrible game) he then mentioned the server PCB so i asked him what it is he showed me the website and ive been playing ever since. But i believe i joined in 1.7.3.

I used one of Nazar’s friends accounts.

Was looking for City Build Servers, and just happened to stumble in here!