How Can The Server Improve?

Hello members of PCB!

The Staff would like to know what we can add, improve, or remove from the server to make it more fun for you and everyone. This is a great opportunity to voice your opinion, and create a better community for everyone! ;D

If you state an issue, it would be very helpful to propose a possible solution.

Also if you have any suggestions for improving the website, now’s a good time to suggest them :slight_smile:

  1. Fix the vote for us button (again)
    This is on the latest version of Chrome:

  2. Update the general section of the rules page to include ‘Swearing IS allowed on the server on condition that it is not excessive or directed at any individual. Parents should be mindful of young children on the server as it is a PG13 environment.’

  3. Another update to the rules page, ‘Flying is not allowed’ to be changed to ‘Flying is only allowed for Trusted+’

I know this is being discussed but we really need Herochat :P. Like its hard to have convos without all the chat mixing up. Its much easier with hero chat because we all have our own chat rooms and such.

Ive Got a little list Ive been juggling through my head.

-Add Item Frame and Painting blocker plugin (will notify if I find one)
-Add /tpa for members+
-Remove /tp from Donators
-Add /jail command for OP+ (or just me :P)
-Remove /tppos from Donators

I’m working on herochat :slight_smile:

I only got one so far:

  • give staffchat another color PLEASE (light blue? &b)

Out of curiousity why remove it from trusted?

Valid point. I havnt had any problems with trusted members in the past. Robin did suggest it be removed from trusted by I don’t see why. I deffinitly would like to see it removed from donators tho. Its also a bit more rewarding to trusted players knowing they have a bit more leeway then donators considering they earned their rank.

I thought trusted were given /fly - /tp and /tppos because we trust them to use it properly. Else what is the point in them being made trusted. Apart from those the only other item they get is 3 homes I think.

Donators are the ones that we haven’t got to know enough when they donate. They mainly do it to get fly, tp, tppos and rest of perks - they pay for the perks but we haven’t got to know them enough to say if they are responsible enough to use those perks. I feel most of our trusted guys got there on merit and we should now NOT remove their perks. If they abuse them like everybody else that abuses their perks they should either be warned first then if no notice taken short ban etc…

Also Ruby the vote button has been working today because I voted earlier.

Player stats though has been out of action for months now.
Modify message

The button is working, just glitched out of place.

I would say that /tppos is one of the most useful commands, if anything it is less harmful than /tp. Also, if ranks get fiddled with, will people who are donators but also trusted (because donator is higher) be put onto the higher of their two ranks?
But I guess the donation system can’t be as bad as the one on [Insert name of minigames server here] where you can pay to be unbanned, no questions asked.

Aand, my list of suggestions;

[ul][li]Make trusted a higher rank than donator (it just makes sense…)[/li]
[li]Add /tpa to members (but make the /tpaccept and /tpdeny commands trusted+ only to prevent abuse)[/li]
[li]Guest warp, which I think has still not been fixed[/li]
[li]Fix the “Good Person” button at Survival Spawn, what does it do?[/li][/ul]


EDIT: And I am quite literally on fire today! There have been too many accidents with the /clear command, a custom plugin that warns you and requires you to run a conformation command would be nice!

Also, if ranks get fiddled with, will people who are donators but also trusted (because donator is higher) be put onto the higher of their two ranks?

-/tppos can be used as another form of tping to someone or somewhere (like your base) without permission. Although we do appreciate donators for helping out the server we cant always completly trust them not to abuse there powers

-Trusted is a higher rank then Donator. Not everyone one can achieve the rank because its a rank that has to be earned. People who are trusted and donors will receive trusted perks.

  • Why add an Item frame blocker? Most people don’t enjoy there items being stolen from them. Too many people have had there possessions stolen from them in the market due to item frames. They cant be traced with log block either.

Off-topic regarding the rank debate, but on-topic regarding possible suggestions?

Crass and I had a conversation last week about the possibility of creating a sort of team PVP area.
It could be located on the same map as the market, since the rest of that world isn’t being used. It would consist of a modestly sized area with 3 “bases”. One on each end, and one in the middle. Each would have a central area/flag that would serve as a “control point” The matches would be timed, and players on each team would be able to reinforce their starting base for about 10 minutes, adding in traps or whatever they wanted.

After that, fighting could commence between the two teams. The winner would be determined by who held the most of the control points at the end of the match (determined by a time limit). There could also be an alternate simple “deathmatch” mode instead of the control-point version.

Players could bring their own gear in if they wanted, but the rules regarding kept items could be decided before the match. After the match ended, the whole battlefield area could just be rolled back to its initial state.

I personally think something like this would be very interesting, as it would give an opportunity for strategy and teamwork, while giving people another way to let off steam (violence) and use of some of the stuff they have accumulated (TNT, potions).

Or we could just use some plugin like survival games…

The main issue I believe are the ranks. Trusted IS a higher rank than donator and yet you have less perks with it. I think donators should still have an incentive to become trusted. How about we limit Staff apps to Trusted members and add all the perks of donator to trusted players. Remove one or two from donator, but not to much because we still want people to donate.

This trusted-donator thing is a bit strange at the moment.

Trusted -> can make staff apps

Actually… Guys… No matter what your belief is, Donor is a higher rank in the rank tree.

Also - the Good Person button was removed, as people were spamming it for free xp.

For all intents and purposes Donator and Trusted are the same.

Bunch of useless mumbo jumbo bickering going no where. Although the intent of these threads are good most of the time the changes will never happen anyways. Although I went straight from donator to staff I always saw trusted as the higher pristine position and still do. Whether or not the ‘ranking’ is above one another is subdue to the fact that you cannot always trust a donator to not abuse there perks as you could with a trusted member.

Yes, at the moment Donator is higher in terms of perks.
But in terms of trust (which in my eyes is the most important thing), trusted in higher than donator.