Help with my new server

I got my serv now and I don’t know much but how do I make it work 24/7 and how do i instal a plugin pls make a tutorial for me I wloud be very thankful.

your Bolje

Are you running bukkit? If not then i have no idea how to install plugins.

If so, it should be a simple matter of downloading the plugin, moving it to your ‘plugins’ folder within the bukkit directory, and running the server. Do this for each plugin one at a time to see if their are any errors or conflicts with them.

how do i know if i’m runing with bukkit?

You leave your computer and the software on 24/7

That is like asking, “How do I know what operating system I have?”. I am sure you installed it right? If so, then the name of the program would be called Bukkit version (whatever). It seems more likely to me that you are using the basic version of MC that you got from If so, then you don’t have Bukkit.

Hopefully, someone can help more than I.

there are 2 server downloads on the gui 1 and the not gui 1 I dowloaded the not gui 1 so do I have the bukkit or not and andy I saw admins having there servs run 24/7 without having to leave there computers on.

O and whean i go to my serv it starts to lag but just whean I’m on why is that and andy I saw admins run there serv 24/7 with out having to leave there computers turned on all the time like PCB

Does the admin of PCB have there comp ru n all the time?

Oh dear. Explaining this would take a lot out of me.

The simple answer is that they are not running it on their PC’s. PCB is run off of different servers that are paid for (continuous fees). The domain name we use is purchased as well. Also, how do you know their computers are turned off? Are you assuming that when they log out, it means they shut their computers off?

If you got your MC server software from, you ARE NOT running bukkit. You have to visit their website to get it. You have to find and download the plugins you want to use, and install & configure them. Then, you need to figure out how to get your server online.

I hope this helps a little.

I think fatso has it about right. Bolje, the only way I know of to have a server run without switching your computer off, is if it is hosted off a dedicated machine which you have to pay for per month. Rather than hosting it off your pc.

This is going to kill me but… i swear to always try to help those in need…

OK BOL, first, if you downloaded the softwear from then it ISNT bukkit, for a bukkit server you must get it from here…

Second, The reason pcb stays up without andy or specs pc’s being up all the time is because the server is ran off a rented pc so to speak. Andy and spec pay fro a hosting pc that is left on all the time elsewhere in the world and they manage the server on there.

THIRD, your server might be lagging depending on your system specs, you might not have enough ramm, cpu power, hdd space, too much going on at once or ect.

i used to run a hard core laptop minecaft server if you need any help just ask me

Do I need the minecraft server download and the bukkit?

Bukkit IS the minecraft server software. You do not use both server softwares. Don’t use the one you already have if you want bukkit.

Ok but where is that command file thingy in the bukkit?

Guys instead of insulting him actually try to help him, he’s trying to learn, I understand he’s being a bit confusing but come on.

Guys can you please not be complete idiots? He is young and is asking an honest question, how about we help him like good people.


Give me a day or two and I’ll write up a tutorial, pictures and all.

Alright fine, sorry about that bolje. :-\

What I already said was 100% truth. To keep a server online 24/7, you have to leave the computer running it on 24/7. There’s no magic to it, that’s how it is and that’s how servers work.

Our server stays online not because one of us keep our computer on, but because we rent a computer in another part of the world that stays on.

To put it simply, the computer is the thing that you’re connecting to everytime you join our server. That’s as simple as I can explain it as it can get very technical.

ya ok guys I have sucsesfuly made a serv and i have worldedit on it but the other plugins wown’t work if you realy wana help post your emil and i’'l send you my files see what’s wrong try to fix it and send them back to [email protected].

ty for standing up for me ggg and sip.

If you want a server up 24/7 rent like we do. Redstonehost seems like a good host if you eventually want to go that far. However it is not cheap…

Or just leave your computer on the whole time, but that has its own problems.