When is Hardcore coming back. Is the staff waiting for the 1.3 release?

tbh, there never was a hardcore before XD it is something that is to be added soon, however _Andy went ahead and added it to the webpage and never added the HTML coding to it, just so it will be easier for later. he was going to have the entire thing up to speed, and just iron the bugs out as we went, but Special insisted that he add the new page for the new server realease.

Oh, thanks for the answer. I didn’t know it never existed.

no problem mate. it will be on as soon as _andy and Specialk get the time to implement the new Hardcore Server

will the hardcore server be PVP raiding? we really need some of that stuff.

i dont know yet andy, i would assume not just because if you die even once you either have to wait for the new map, or buy your way back into Hardcore mode. i would rather doubt there would be much in the ways of PVP on hardcore. actually i would like to know how that game will affect staff… if i staff member dies, do they have to buy back in to be able to keep the peace on that server?

good point. there should be a map like a arena where you fight and die and you only die and nothing else.

we have that in SMP. i doubt that it will be anything implemented in Hardcore mode.

Last I talked to spec about it, hardcore will be a no rules (except for hacking, no hacking) PVP server and the only staff will be SOP and admin (again if i remember correctly) everyone else will be guest, which makes sense seeing as our staff count is enormous and you don’t need too many people parading around on there

The current arena is hardly used, one in pvp that if you die in the arena you aren’t banned would be fun, but out of arena you are banned

well there is our answer to that. thanks so much ggg

well you forgot the no cussing directly at people rule gggeeeee and if its hardcore youll have to but it with real money or ingame money?

real money. there is a buy back in button on the hardcore screen if im not mistaken

Both I think actually. As far as I know, you will be able to use money from normal smp to buy ‘lives’.

nice, better start mining those diamonds for the quest to get some money!

By no rules im pretty sure no direct swearing isnt enforced

I would prefer Tekkit instead of a hardcore server… Many people have agreed with me.

I would love to play on it if it was a tekkit server. The no rules thing kinda makes me wana stay in regular survival, but i would definitely go and play if it was tekkit, even without any rules. :slight_smile: I would most likely be doing a bunch of traps and all. Be living under ground more often too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you guys ever even played a good no rules PVP server?
Better than tekkit in my opinion

No I absolutely 100% hate PVP on every game ever.

I have played a no rules faction kinda server. I hated it so much. :stuck_out_tongue: I found a stronghold on there with one of my factions, and then another faction came on and attacked us. If it was a tekkit server then i would prob want to go on it, but if not then i would really kinda hate the idea of a no rules server.