Guestcity flood!

Hello! Someone has flooded guestcity with geyser. I wont unflood it yet so you can see it too, because this happened yesterday too (I unflooded it yesterday). Ive been guided guests to go to flatgrass if they want to build. I may have to go soon, so some help with locating the flood-spawn point soon would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Its clearly not accident since theres more than 1 geyser.


OMG! Not guestcity D: aww u should fix it right away, but perhaps take some screen shots so we can see what it looked like before. Be sure to take precautionary measures :stuck_out_tongue: Use /rp water (or whatever kind of water it was,) air. Just in case u dont know. But hurry aww! We’re countin’ on you :wink:

Hah, thanks gamer! :stuck_out_tongue:
I had to go and i wasnt able to find out who did it, so i created a backup with name “flooded1” and unflooded the map. (I hope you still can find the modification informations from the backup :o)

:stuck_out_tongue: What?! no screenshots?! >:(

aww u can use /unflood too (what i told u :P)

Gamer, like i said, i saved it with name “flooded1”, so ops can load it and see it with their own eyes. And ocram, i used /unflood :stuck_out_tongue:

Im no fool and i know that a a op must of done it!

I dont come on PCB so i cant see it there >:(

i was gone the whole day O.o ill take a look

ehh how do you access it? i have not been on in a hell of a long time

andy and aww

the geyser cmd can be used by an adv builder

so i wish it narrowed it down…but it made it bigger

kyle can you check the logs of it?

nvm fixed :smiley:

umm beach is also flooded with geysers

I’m looking into this as best I can, but its not exact unless I know the time they used it.

(11:24:56) I actually flooded the Castles Map with /geyser.
(11:25:07) I reported myself though and Fatso fixed it.

I see this guy using geyser several time today, but he seems like he is building something?
animangastar101 used /mode geyser
(14:14:28) animangastar101 used /mb air FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH
Looks like a joke to me.

Maybe not? He is the only person using geyser dozens of times over the last few days. A lot of /mode geyser and he says he messes up the placement at times. Perhaps we need to tell him not to use it?

Three days ago:
(05:03:17) Xjeffgordon2011X used /mode geyser
(05:03:28) trollfacer means grief investigation
(05:03:41) %a :smiley: %b :smiley: %c :smiley: %d :smiley: %e :smiley: %f :smiley:
(05:03:54) nnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo
(05:04:01) ?
(05:04:04) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
(05:04:07) ?
(05:04:28) any greifers
(05:04:43) connected to the server.
(05:04:44) erisbmw [] has joined the server.
(05:04:44) disconect
(05:04:47) lol
(05:04:49) lots of trails i’ll show you them!
(05:04:52) SuperbGamer10 disconnected.
(05:04:55) los
(05:05:13) just let jeff and me do the greefs you build
(05:05:32) I don’t grief!
(05:05:46) i ment fix them
(05:05:50) well
(05:05:54) report them
(05:06:01) tip, never do /geyser again
(05:06:13) jeff and i will handle greefs you just build
(05:06:17) erisbmw disconnected.
(05:06:26) i griefed a little in my world :smiley:

(05:10:32) Loskichos used /mode geyser

4 days ago:
(05:47:42) Xjeffgordon2011X used /mode geyser
note, this is with Aww helping him use it.

5 days ago:
Lots of Piehole using it
(21:39:54) Pingpong403 used /mode geyser
animangastar101 used it a few times too

Update: I have set the permission to OP for geyser. Hopefully this will end this stupidity…

Are there any other spreading block-commands that advbuilder can use? Because I think that this shows pretty clearly that their permission should be atleast pro+.

Im pretty sure ops can handle it. If not just demote them unless its an accident

did you try /replace geyser air?

Well everything is fixed now right? No more geysers in guestcity? The geyser command set to whatever rank you decided on? :stuck_out_tongue:

so just curious does it just flood the map, or make an actual geyser?

Yeah, that would be cool. I Kinda wanna use it, on my own map of course. :stuck_out_tongue:


AWESOME! Unless, of course, it’s used for bad things… But if not, AWESOME! :stuck_out_tongue:

Geysers shouldn’t even work in guestcity in the first place, there should be ‘door only’ physics enabled there.

I tried it before i had to go and it didnt help. Since it wasnt spreading anymore I decided to leave it there (It was on the side adminium-walls).