Goodbye guys!

I have no idea where to start with this. Let’s just be blunt, I’m leaving you guys. I’m not leaving mad or enraged at how this server works (it seems to be a fashion for people to do so on this server :D) and to be honest, I’ll recommend it to anyone! I have spent a fantastic year with you guys! The staff is great (duuuuh) and I really think we are the best minecraft server.

I have now been on this server for an entire year (Well, I’m short of 10 days, but you can give me that!), played through three different maps, and got to meet some of the most fantastic people! You guys are great and I hope you succeed in life whatever you want to do!

Now this is the time where I have to name people :smiley: This can be long… and I feel I’m going to forget people! I’ll go by rank!

  • Thanks to the admins, I never got to know you guys much, but thanks for making this place so great!
  • Kurry, you’re my best PCB buddy! To me PCB will mean you! Valandia 1 was the coolest thing I’ve done on Minecraft. We’ll still be in contact on fb. :slight_smile:
  • Ruby, Liam and Shad you guys rock!
  • Ferr, keep on rolling the cash! You’ll make it! One day, you’ll be the richest on PCB, I belieeeve in ya!
  • Meta, most honest member of staff (but I’ve already told you so!). Play it safe if you go fightin’ and stuff!
  • Cherry, you’re a really good builder dude!
  • Ninja, well thanks for the trusted nomination! Don’t troll too much!
  • Pie, I haaaate you, you’re just too nice… :smiley:
  • Semi, go habs goooo!
  • Octo, SOP for you someday, I can sense it. Keep up the good work!
  • Panda and koala! You gals are awesome!
  • nam, I know you already left. Our base was actually the coolest thing I’ve ever built. Kurry, you and I made one heck of a team!
  • Miniwhite, play hard work hard petit quebecois! :slight_smile:
  • Jakoba, first player to welcome me on PCB. Butterville, my first town on minecraft which we built in creative. Looked like shit, but we sure had fun!
  • courage, keep on the good play!
  • Jav, you’ll make it to staff one day! Heck I recommend you! You can put it in your next application!
  • Penguin, didn’t see much of you, but you were fun
  • Jape, remember that crappy cobblestone town :smiley: You’re cool bro!
  • godsjedi, well, despite our different beliefs on the theory of evolution, may God be with you! :slight_smile:
  • emfitty, cool gal, shame I didn’t see much of you!
  • anth, great builder! :slight_smile:
  • Niko, continue the good play!
  • Robin, cool accent bro!
  • Mexican_knight, didn’t see enough of you lately!
  • anima, awesome builder!
  • Vaio, I got to see a week of you!
  • Yomi, I’m glad we got you back in!

I have for sure forgotten someone, please don’t hate me for that! I love you all! If I didn’t love you, you would probably be banned! ;D

The main reason why I’m leaving is this: I’m 21, and I’m finishing my degree soon. Minecraft is just a game and unfortunately, nothing will ever come out of it especially since I’m a bit of a minecraft addict! :smiley: Maybe I’ll say hi in a year or so, or not (Who knows!)! But I’ll be checking on the forums every now and then.

Now, I know I left the PVP server with a bit of drama. I’m sorry for that, hope that’s not the last thing you remember of me. I’ll persist in saying, I didn’t betray you guys but something tells me you’ll finally believe me now :smiley: Question yourself a bit more dordsor you won’t always be right :slight_smile: Go go Britain! You’ll rule them all!

Well this is it… my last post!


Guibo for the oldies! Ducky for the newbies! :slight_smile:


"I’ll go by rank"Puts me next to last on the list

It sucks that you’re going just over a week after i’ve come back D:, it’s understandable tho, once I go back to school I wont come on as much either. It’s been nice to have known you (slightly) :wink: I was anticipating the pcb adventures on your youtube :’(
Good luck with life, however, definitely come by every so often to say hi :slight_smile:

Adios Guibo. You were a great staff member and it is sad to see you go, but it is understandable why you have to leave. I wish you well with your future endeavours and I hope you have fun. You will always be welcomed back here with open arms. See you around and good luck.



If you watch all of that video you need to re-evaluate your life…

Thank chuu for your kind words. To be perfectly honest, you are the only reason I’m still here. Had you not offered me that house in Valandia 1, then I’d be long gone by now, probably on some godawful shitty server. I pretty much owe everything to you.

I reckon you’ll be back soon! Also, does this mean your youtube series will stop? :-\

Damn, I’m gonna have to make one of these soon… you were awesome Guibo! I have very fond memories of you! Good luck!

P.s. you still make me question my sexuality. :stuck_out_tongue:

Love you Guib!

I’ll make a beautiful crater in your honor sir. Probably from your stuff.

(What do you mean that’s illegal?)

You’ll be missed! Have a great life!

Thanks for the goodbye to me… And my accent XD

This is really saddening as you were one of the only staff members I really liked. Sorry to see you go friend. I wish you the best in your life!

OMG NOO D: i feel like a part of me has like died inside me! You will be missed my man!

Au revoir mon ami! Je suis triste - qui sera le nouveau canadien qui prend ton place dans le server?

Thanks for taking so much of your time to improving this place! It has been made better by your presence. Visit us soon :)!

Where’s my name in your list :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Votre ami,


Goodbye guibo and good luck. Great having you here on this server really made it a better place 8) Sort of forgot my name on the list but doesnt matter lol

Good luck and enjoy your future! 8)

Aw dude no u can’t leave us :’( It’s been great knowing u Gweebz and it has been fun playing on the server with u :smiley: Hope u have a fun life in the real world! :stuck_out_tongue:

Guibo :frowning: I will miss you omg! you don’t have to goooo!! NEVER GROW UP

Goodbye guibonater you were so nice and funny (you still are btw) Good luck!

Farewell guibo!! :frowning: Good luck with your life in the real world, man. Tell us what it’s like on the outside.


See ya round! Just make sure you do something awesome after you’ve left us :stuck_out_tongue:

Will miss you on the server dude, I hope to see you pop up on the forums every now and then as I do :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand your reasons for leaving. Pretty much the same reason for me being more or less inactive at the moment.
All the best with your future endeavours.

Hwyl fy ffrind, Au Revoir mon ami, Goodbye my friend!

Well Guibo left, that sucks, but the good thing is that he left with a bang and without the bang being him banning everyone on the server for inappropriate reasons. Stares at GGGeeee Anyway, GL Guibo, you British, Canadian, Historian, man of a person :3. Also, I was the one who voted you to be trusted? who knew :3