gggeeee - 2nd of June, 2013


Minecraft Username gggeeee

Date of Ban 2nd of June, 2013
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Everyone

Reason for Ban Being le mean ;_;;;;;

Reason to be Unbanned I sori

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
[ !! ] Do not edit this post or the formatting will break.

Are you fucking serious?

You went on a banning spree and then banned yourself ‘to go out with a bang’ and now you want back in?


1 Impersonation of a SOP(Lemon)
2 Banning Many people, whom i had to console
3 Coming on Dynmap after being banned.
4 I told you to stay the fuck gone.


im sorry, but i think this is utter bullshit that you guys will crucify him like that.

I personally know why he did it. yeah, wasn’t the smartest move in MC staff history, and it was horribly inexcusable. I can’t think of a single reason to not make him Member and just leave it at that.

And honestly, before my break, i had thought of doing the exact same fucking thing. Its not the Staff i was mad at, it was the lack of people giving a shit. i was thinking of just making a point that people need to get off thier asses, and stop letting the more aggravating members and such walking all over staff as i felt had been happening.

Basically my opinion…

I say un ban him. What is the worst he can do as a member? We can ban him again before too much permanent damage is done to the younglings.

exactly. wether or not some of you like it, GGG is an old friend, and i personally owe him a debt. i prolly wouldn’t have made staff if not for his support.

I think I’m just going to remove all the gifs so we can have a mature discussion here…

that sounds like an idea

I’m gonna give a totally unbias opinion due to the fact that i hardly know the guy and I can maybe bring something to the table that no one is seeing. Im not even going to even consider that he was apart of staff and i’m gonna voice my opinon about his appeal as I would with any other member that did something to get banned. Reading this ban appeal sickens my stomach. He doesnt seem the least a bit sympathetic or truly “sori” for what he did. In fact it seems like he takes this as a joke. He doesnt even explain what he did wrong. If he cant take the time to write out a decent reasoning to be unbanned let alone at least try to use proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar in his two word statement, It shows me that he truly does not care. I’m pretty sure he would only get a laugh out of how foolish it was for us to unban him… im gonna say noooo scotty.

I do understand too that the appeal wasn’t the greatest by far in history, but it fits him. Honestly whats the worst that can happen…

Like I hate to use that attitude, but it wasn’t like he was cheating, just that he was a dick that day, to be blunt. The thing is that he was apart of the community for so long, so many of us knew him and still do. He joined a few days before or after I did. If it was a new player, or even a new staff member who did something similar I may say no. Member makes perfect sense. To be real, look at Fili. That’s all I’m saying.

Yes, I am biased and I don’t care. Bias can be important, it shows two views on an issue, though being unbiased is important too. Seeing from an outsiders perspective. I just want to show my bias, and that unbanning him will not make the world end. Again I would never say this for any other appeal, its gggeeee ffs. Idk.

I won’t actually unban him myself until some kind of majority decision is made, strictly because of my inherent bias. However I will continue to post in this thread, attempting to counter anything you say :stuck_out_tongue: . So I guess by now you can tell I want him to be unbanned, but take what I say for what its worth and nothing more. I want you guys to make the right decision.

I know him and I know his personality. Yeah this appeal is a Gggeee thing all right. But unless he can make a proper appeal, give a solid explanation for his actions, and make it seem even remotely sincere about wanting to come back, I refuse to see why we should give him the time of day on this.

Just so you newer players are aware, he’s just trolling us for amusement. He knows he won’t get unbanned with this appeal. Why do you think he made one? Just for shits and giggles to see how we’d react.

If he does what I say then only then will I take his appeal seriously. I deny him with this appeal. I know I’m exceeding my rank’s allowable abilities to make this decision disregarding other SOP and Admin posts, but I won’t allow him to be unbanned until he makes a new appeal with sincerity. You can continue to debate this all you want but my decision is 100% here.

I wholeheartedly agree with Nek. After the stupid mess he left us with, the least he could do is submit a proper ban appeal.

I havent really seen much of gggeeee in the time I have been on this server but when I did see him on I can honestly say I never had any probs with him.

Yes maybe he should write a better appeal but as others say making him just a member there is not much he can do apart from grief which can easily be rolled back.

Aslo maybe a warning that if slightest trouble then he would be banned forever.

This is why I responded with a meme. He doesn’t give a flying fridge if he stays banned.

What I would like to point out however is this: he is banned on the forums. I think we should disable the ability for players banned on the forums to make appeals. We denied them access to the forums and leaving this open is sort of like a loophole.