Get to know me

Hey Guys i thought maybe its time for everyone to get to know me better…

My name irl is Jakob Muttoni but in MC i’m Jake, i am 14 years old, I’ve played mine craft for a few years now, I’ve played PCB about 2 months i’d say, i love building, i’m a really nice person, i do karate, i do boy scouts, i own my own laptop, i have 2 brothers, 2 sisters, 2 step sisters, and 1 1/2 sister, i like reading, i want to be a architect or a community planner when i’m a adult, i suck at spelling, i’m good at math, this is a nun on sentence, i donated $20 to PCB, i love the server, i like the staff and the players, in the game i work for meta and pie, i like helping people, i’m helping Fili cherry and ouhia with their highway every once and a while, i hope that i become a mod in the near future (maybe i’ll apply in a month), i can be mature but i can also get board and sometimes joke around, and i have many zombie books that i like to flip though. So ya thats me and i hope you guys will share a little about yourselfs on here too :smiley: Thank you and hope to talk to you soon!


(Added) i’m a drama geek too :P, and i have lots of freinds :stuck_out_tongue:

IM a boy scout too :smiley:

I wasn’t allowed. I was too mean to the other kids, they thought i was satan…

which is complete bull!

Im a nice guy… when i wanna be…

I was in Cubs but I quit because no one took it seriously. So I joined Cadets :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway Welcome!

yeah~ nice to finally get to know you jake :stuck_out_tongue: -> he also likes to put cacti along my road to yomi;s …whih i need to get back on and finish… <- :stuck_out_tongue:

And wow, 14? i definitely thought you were older than that :smiley: still, its fun to know ya

lets see… a little bout myself

Name’s Ellie Shephard, 20 years old, i live in the UK in weymouth…which is only sorta on the map because the olympic sailing was held here…the town is on its way to becoming a ghost town. I like singing, sketching and plaing videogames , as well as writing, climbing trees and gravy. :B

Heh, I’ve seen Ben Ainsleys golden letter box. Went on holiday round there last year xD Stayed just along the coast from you :stuck_out_tongue:

Myself? Not much to tell you that’s interesting in my opinion.

Liam Ross, age 18, live in a town/village called Ewloe (more specifically, I live in Ewloe Green) - pronounced you-low - in North Wales. I’m roughly 3/4 Welsh and 1/4 Irish, probably with little bits of English in there.

I love music. I play electric, acoustic and bass guitar - mostly rock and metal but I’ll give anything a try at least once. I’d like to do more vocal stuff but I’m not confident with my voice at all. I don’t mind my speaking voice but that’s about it. I can do screamed/growled metal style vocals fine and sing in tune, however I dislike the tone of my singing voice entirely. It annoys me hugely.

I’m going to Aberystwyth University on 21st September this year, which is exciting but at the same time terrifies me. A reason for that being scary is I’m quite an awkward and shy person around people I don’t know, although I’ve improved recently and I’m able to make conversation better. Hopefully I’ll become more sociable and less awkward in uni too.

I like video games but I’m hesitant to admit to being a “gamer”. I don’t know why, I just don’t like the term that much. I don’t like being categorised or anything like that. I’m me, you’re you, they’re them, gtfo.

I tend to keep things to myself, I’m introverted I guess. I don’t really speak much unless I have something to add to a conversation. This is probably as a result of having some shitty friends at certain points in my life, the kind that pick at any little thing they can find. They may be joking, but I can’t help but let things like that get to me so I think too much about what I want to say and often end up convincing myself not to say it in case it might sound stupid. At the same time, I can talk if I need to - in a more formal situation like a job interview.

I’ve never had a job, don’t want one yet. (The job interview setting mentioned above was a mock one put on by school to get pupils to see what they’re like.) I like to sit around doing nothing really, play games, youtube, listen to and play music. It makes me seem lazy, but I enjoy it. I’m trying to get out more recently though, I plan to be more social in uni, do some sports, get fit etc. Whether that will happen is a whole other thing.

Uh, my favourite youtube channel is HatFilms.

I’m running out of stuff to put.

That’s enough from me.


Right, where to begin…

My name is Peter and I enjoy playing video games slightly more than is socially acceptable. I don’t give a shit how bad I am at the game, if I’m enjoying myself, I’ll play it. (So go fuck yourselves those people I met in TF2 once who thought they were the dog’s bollocks and didn’t want to play with anyone with less than 100 hours playtime)

Clears throat

Right now, I’m especially into strategy games. Particularly Europa Universalis IV. I previously played EU III, and it was one of the best games I’d ever owned. If you ever get a chance to see my steam library, about 70% of the games on there have never been played. That’s because I like to go shopping at and if they have just 1 game I want, it’s cheaper to get all the other stuff with it on humble bundle than to get the game on its own on steam.
Add me on steam if you want. Or don’t. Idgaf. Same name as mc but with a funny DP tag in front.

Erm, I’m doing my A-levels which means I’m choosing to be at school. I would like to go to uni after, but I have no idea what I want to do in later life.
I have a job frying chips in a fish and chip shop. (Proper chips mind you, not those ‘chips’ you have in america which are CRISPS) And I work thursday and friday evenings, so don’t expect me online during those times.


That’s me.

I don't give a shit how bad I am at the game, if I'm enjoying myself, I'll play it.
This. <3

I also have no idea what to do after uni.

Another gaming thing: I like Call of Duty. There, I said it. (I have a ps3.)

Kurry, will you marry me? Please.

Lets take a journey through my brain
My names sam. I’m half vietnamese, my middle names michael, and my favorite icecreme is vanilla… If you put all that info together you get my username, Namillo. Nam-viet, Milo- Michael, and the double L’s are for vanilla.
I too dont know what i want to do in life but I do know I want to move to small town in France where I can smoke ciggaretts all day and not have anyone tell me why I shouldnt. I do know im really into graphic design and it may be something I’d like to persue (some of my work ) Currently I work in bar as a server/bartender. I love smoking marijuana… and drinking… but mainly smoking. I’m not a hipster but I mainly lean towards indie music. I like to read, draw, and play my guitar. I streaked at a highschool football game once because my 6 year old brother dared me to. And this is me planking off a really high building.

Look like it’s happenin’. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a very interesting discussion.

I’ll add more stuff about me as I think of it. Perhaps a mini story to go here. I don’t know, I’ll just start typing and see what happens.

Drugs and alcohol - Never done drugs, don’t plan to. Only exception would be if Jimi Hendrix came back to life, appeared at my house with some weed and was like “Wat up”. I would get high with Hendrix listening to Voodo Child or Purple Haze. Fuck tobacco. Smells awful and it horribly unattractive. However, if you want to smoke, go ahead, I won’t judge you. People can do what they want stfu pestering them you bastards.

I didn’t actually start drinking until 6th form (Years 12 [age 16-17] and 13 [age 17-18] in high school) due to my parents being rather strict about that sort of stuff and me not having much of a social life (I live somewhere with 3 or 4 houses around me, and fields. All of my friends live at least a 5 minute car journey away, so I couldn’t really just walk to see them easily when I felt like it).

In 6th form, parties for the year were organised (christmas, halloween etc.) when I was able to actually buy alcohol because we went to shit venues where the bar staff didn’t give a shit. I think I’ve been drunk about twice in my entire life so far and I’m pleased I can control my self. I can easily get to that “slightly dizzy one more drink and I’ll be on the floor” phase, still use logic and talk normally, but know I shouldn’t have anything else until I sober up a bit. I’m an extremely talkative drunk.

Vodka is awful, beer is meh, cider is yay, Jagermeister is good.

People who are of drinking age should do some gaming drinking games on teamspeak at some point… like, if your team loses in tf2, you have a shot/down 2 fingers depth of a pint of beer/cider. Would be amusing.



Love hearing the stories behind the minecraft characters!

Now, who am I?

Well my name is Guillaume, anglophones call me William. I’m 20. My parents are French but I’ve lived all my life in London, UK (not Ontario). For that reason, I speak both French and English (A bit of Italian as well). Whilst liking London a lot, I decided to go read History and Political Sciences at McGill University in Montreal. Even though I’m not entirely sure, I think I want to work in advertising later, as a copywriter or an art director (Not sure yet, but I like both) I like the mix between art and business in the advertising industry.

My username! Well, in 2000 or so I was really into Star Wars and I found this thing on the net that generated your own Jedi name (So cool right!) You just needed to fill in your name, family name, mother’s 2nd name and city of birth. It gave me Guibo Allon (Try to find the Guillaume and London part!) Its been my gaming name ever since! Well, I’m not much of a gamer, so its only been my username for Runescape and Minecraft. :smiley:

Being French I used to smoke (Yes, we nearly all do…) But I quit with my gf, so I’m smoke free now :smiley: I drink…responsibly most of the time! (Can’t say always…)

I like music a lot and nearly everything (not too much a fan of dubstep) I especially like french and english music from the 60s 70s 80s. I play the guitar! I like movies (I was even thinking of going to film school, but it wasn’t very responsible) I like everything that’s entertainment-art related. And yes, Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge, my childhood favorites…

So that’s it, that’s me! I’ll add more if I think of something really interesting about me

See ya!

(The Name! :smiley: )

i second this o3o

this thread has become quite amusing, im similar to liam here, have no interest in drugs or smoking, but i wont really judge or condemn people for their preferences wither, heck most of my friends are into that stuff (though my friends have seriously worked hard to try to make me…so i cant say i havnt tried a tiny bit just once to shut them up…hated it) i didnt really start drnking until 17, not that my parents were strict, quite the opposite, i as given too much freedom that i didnt know what to do with it, so i never felt like doing anything since it wasnt off limits (seriously fatso can tell you about my 15th/16th where my mum came up to my room, tried to throw alcahol at us and told me to ‘be safe’ o.o) and uh…yeah i was going to say more but im tired and have work…think i’ll sleep instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Great to meet people other then what little gets said about them on the server, i love reading about everyone, its great to meet people behind the screen (XD) and ya keep the stories coming there very intresting and fun to read!
You guys are the best



From playing TF2 with you, i would of thought different

Well from the past 2 days, my life has gone to hell…Claustrophobia and panic attacks :smiley: yay me (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Other wise im an upbeat person who has seen countless communities burn to the ground. (Want to know if PCB is heading that direction, it more than likely is. Nothing ever lasts evil satanic face here)

I normally joke around and mainly polite until someone brings up a sensitive subject, racism, sexism, and some other stuff around those lines.

I have made a thread and honestly, i have not really changed since that thread. im still a gamer, lazy, i am 1 year older though (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I was also younger at the first letter of this post. might not be by much but im older than before.

Eh, fuck it ill give it a go

Names Kyle Frazier, im a 23 year old smartass, living in vaction land, where the weather is always to fucking hot, and the bugs can carry you away to their nest, and feed you to their pupa

Honestly, i know what i want in life, it is just to bloody hard to get there, so for the moment im dealing with the cards i have. Atm, im selling cable television to the masses of WPB Florida, and about to start taking care of some kid at a school who has downs syndrome. I live on a horse farm and hate every minute of it because ive been doing it since i was 9.
My parents are divorced, i bloody hate my father and his side of the family, but it is what it is…
I currently have a gf living on the other side of the state that many people have heard me talk about, as she is honestly one of the only people i know irl who i can talk to about anything, since most of my friends from NC have ceased telephone communication…

Other than that i enjoy gratuitious amounts of anime, manga, and general Japanese culture ( im buying Japanese style gifts for Xmas this year) and have become addicted to Left 4 Dead since Ouhai bought it for me in June, ive logged almost 109 hours into it and ALMOST have all my achievements unlocked…

Only other thing of interest would be my dog ( my only other love in my life) who is about 3/4 Dingo. His name is Happy, and hes a complete spazz, but i missed that dog more than my own mother when i was living by myself.

Anything else you wanna know? just ask me.

My name’s Nick, I’m 16, I wish to become a pilot when I grow up.
I hate fun and I don’t play video games

I wonder who that is, ggg.

I think it’s nice to know about many of you (I tl;dr’d nearly every person in this thread), but I was worried that you guys derailed the thread from its purpose of Jakoba introducing himself and offering information about his life. I was gonna say make a new thread for self-introductions but judging from Jakoba’s reaction he seems cool with it.

As for myself? I’m 23 years old, male, and I love to sing.

That’s all you’re gonna get.