FTB Server - Installing Guide

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Updated 9/8/14

Requirements to play:
64-bit Operating system
64-bit Java
At least 2 gigs of RAM


We are using a very modified version of the Monster pack, so you will need to follow the steps below to join.

For those getting for first time:
1: Get this Zip: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ed1op26zbpw95i1/AADYVvkgVWiziRIe5Q01Roy0a
I included my everything this time. It should have all you need. Including the launcher.

3: Make A new folder wherever you want it to install called ‘FtB’. Mine is: “C:\Users\Jehuty\Desktop\FtB”.

4: Place and unzip the Monster.zip file you got from me.

5: In the launcher go to the options tab, Change the install folder to the ‘FtB’ you just created.

6: Create profile with username and password (Same as normal Minecraft login)

7: Choose Monster 1.1.2 from the top drop menu. ‘Launch’

Finally, the IP is:

I hope this works for ya! Be warned, this game is much harder at first, but gets insanely easy later. For example, Fatso and I have 50k iron ore…

Setting changes you will want:
1 - Inventory - Options - NEI Plugins - Developer - Ore Dictionary names - OFF (Otherwise, you get a stupid message on most items.)
2 - Inventory - Options - Inventory - Cheat Mode (Click till its recipe mode).


#1; Check your version of Java.
#2; (Choose new install folder) Do the default launch, delete the Mods and Config folders that were made, and then place my files over what was generated.
#3; Go on TS and ask kyle or fatso to walk and talk you through the install process.[/s][/details]

Other things you should know:

-KeepInventory is off now, but we have gravestones that spawn whenever you die. Break em to get your stuff back.

  • Beware the crypts…

  • Don’t kill dryads unless your willing to face nature’s wrath.

  • You will need a lot more iron at first to make basic metal tools. Try emerald or ruby tools instead. Diamond too. OR, go for tinkerers mod for tools. Maybe even MUD!

  • Several mods make nearly free lighting. Power fist’s LUX is my fav, but Ars Magica allows for cast-able light. There are insect lights too.

  • Almost EVERYTHING is better when processed through machines. 1 Iron ore can become 2 iron, 1 copper, and tin in a Sag mill for example. Even Tinker’s Construct Smeltery doubles ingot output.

-If you want to dabble in Thaumcraft remember to scan EVERYTHING with your Thaumometer.

-The Chisel mod also you to turn most of the mundane vanilla blocks in over a dozen fancier variants. (Stone brick can be converted to it’s mossy variant for free this way!)

-If you hear an explosion with no mobs around it may be a meteorite. Look around for some Moonstone!

Not as many…

Yes, very. Only adding the installed but not enabled mods is a good idea.

It is getting VERY intrusive, and it messes up NEI

Looking at the mods, I think Unleashed would be better than ultimate. Why? The Ultimate mod list is just a list of gregtech compatible mods. Unleashed is pretty much the same as Monster, except no gregtech, and a couple less of the pointless mods. Not that that’s a bad thing.

Actually, scratch that. Just swap gregtech for tconstruct and reset the map. Voilla. Problems solved.

Le second edit: Fatso and I had a conversation, and we agreed that everything we had done could be very easily replaced without gregtech.

Replaced yes, but only due to the lack of limitations, At the moment im in favor for keeping the server the way it is unless other problems arise. Sure its hard, but other game types are too easy to power through to inf dims and power.

Its nice to have something that is of a slower pace, just a shame about NEI

But if we were to go to another modpack, I think one with a early version of gregtech would be good. I moan about it often but i am starting to realise that without it the game goes too fast.

One thing that I am currently finding is that for anyone wanting to play on the server right now it is terribly time consuming to get started. I would much rather just use FTB Ultimate.

For anyone who wants the file now I have it here:


I am temporarily hosting it on google drive. When I get a chance I will put it up on my tiny VPS. The file will be at cjpais.com/ftbserver.zip

Downloading. Thanks Sip. I think I will experiment with this map and Ultimate, even if only to make schematics for pasting into any other server I host. That is, if I can. I will probably need to install WE or something.

I really do wanna keep greg, but another option may be to go more vanilla Monster. The game would be hella easy as all the various mods enable infinite everything. I would rather press forward with the new stuff rather then stick with Ultimate. I know I had nearly explored every mod and tech path that it offered then.

The problem now isnt greg specifically. It is the beta release of the server and a lack of NEI support. NEI, I can probably fix. The server’s stability however… that’s up to the FTB team. I think I fixed the bug causing people to lag out.

Note: There is a known bug with the power suits mod. You cant seem to make a mv or hv capacitor as either it doesn’t give you the recipe or you cant remove it from the crafting table.
I have no idea what this bug is caused by, but it can’t be related to greg as the 2 mods don’t relate. Greg probably hates power armor! Maybe the recipe is just off? Or an update is needed.

Hijacking for links:





Power Armor

Gregory Greg

Applied Energistics







In the next few days, FTB Monster will update to version 1.0.10.

Changes Summary

[li]Added Another One Bites the Dust, Aroma1997Core[/li]
[li]Biomes O’ Plenty enabled by default[/li]
[li]IC2 updated to the version we were using anyway[/li]
[li]Highlands enabled by default[/li]
[li]Many, many updated mods (sadly Thaumcraft missed this update)[/li][/ul]

The full changelog, including what each updated mod added, changed and fixed see here

Good. None of these changes breaks anything. Nobody uses those mods that are being removed.

Oh Noes! Teh server is down!

And now the winter olympics on Hoth

Awesome Hoth thing. Fatso and I are working on updating the server. His version is stable. This will mean a new world, but fatso brought everyone’s stuff over.

Updated! Make sure you update your client the same way. Front page has changes and instructions. This version seems better off. Fatso and I flew around and did not have any crashes.

I kept your existing dat files, so you should all spawn with what you had… and where you were. Hope not in a wall.

Notes about Greg settings:
I made a mistake and enabled an option that lets you make UU matter from Dirt instantly. Thanks greg. Fixed.

-Upgrade Stacksize is set to 8 now (was 4). This means overclockers are not locked at 4 per slot. Be careful not to put too many in.

When this config is set to false, the vanilla recipes are not affected, but an additional set of recipes are added, and crafting Wood with a Saw will cause it to yield 5 Planks in stead of 4, and crafting Planks will a Saw will yield 5 Sticks in stead of 4.
So I fixed the issue of 2 planks. Better, using a saw is actually useful.

This was altered as it hides the sides of greg ores or makes them odd looking. This does not render on the server, but on your side. This just helps ya.

This is now false to prevent the mod from needing to check for new updates. It’s pointless.

Both false.

Oh my god. Had I not looked this one up… This one causes an exploding machine to send out a pulse through the network of wires. 32EU, 128EU, 512EU, 2048EU, and 8192EU. In other words… Breaking 1 machine would have broken all on that network (that aren’t Quad-EV upgraded).

Unification (not changed) - Greg adds a function that can be a blessing or a curse. Unification is when the 18 different forms of copper added by all the mods are changed into only one type. I can choose which mod takes precedence. The default is the greg version of any of these items. PLEASE let me know you find ores that MUST be another mod’s version to work. Even then, there should be a way to change the version within game.

Hope that clears up a few things. I’m not sure if you must have this config file for sure, or if your client detects my settings, but just to be safe… get it from the first post.

Double post and all but…

I discovered that Portal guns were not functional in Survival mode without a very expensive fuel. Ground ender eyes… Now, we have the option to change the fuel, or remove it as it used to be in ultimate. I’m all for removing it and have done so. Just wanted to see if you think it should cost items to fire every shot…

I enabled the guns to be spawned in dungeons, but at a low rate. Only newly genned areas should have them. Emancipation grills were removed.

Also, I removed the ability for non-ops (I believe) from being able to create moon portals. Far too easy to grief.

As these are server settings, I don’t think you guys need to do anything.

Not related, but this may help ram usage on clients (only if you have 3 gigs of ram to run FTB and have more than 1 core CPU):

-Xms2048m -XX:PermSize=256m -XX:NewRatio=3 -XX:SurvivorRatio=3 -XX:TargetSurvivorRatio=80 -XX:MaxTenuringThreshold=8 -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=10 -XX:GCPauseIntervalMillis=50 -XX:MaxGCMinorPauseMillis=7 -XX:+ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent -XX:+UseCMSInitiatingOccupancyOnly -XX:CMSInitiatingOccupancyFraction=60 -XX:+BindGCTaskThreadsToCPUs -Xnoclassgc

Setting up:
Click the options in the launcher
Set the slider to 2.0GB
Copy the arguments above and paste them into additional JVM parameters under advanced options.

NOOOOOO!! They were so amazing! My life will not be complete without them. ;D

EDIT: Erm… I managed to launch with tinkers + gregtech. So…

Well, since the server isn’t running tinkers, you’re unable to use any of the tinkers features. So no crashy.

Well, Kyle, would moving the Classic server off of your computer reduce anything, or is it still drawing 0% everything?

Classic is off. I can run it, it’s just not being used at all.

Servers map has been regenerated as Biomes o’ plenty has been turned ON, The two current bases have been moved over.

No mods have to be changed since the last update.

Edit by Kyle: DyeTrees was removed as it was the cause of the lag outs players may have hit. This means no rainbow forests. The land looked way to vanilla after that. BoP is a wonderful change to the look of MC. Enjoy!

YAYYAYAYAYAAYAYYAYAYYYYYYyYY! I love BoP, first mod I ever installed!

Update: For those that had lag issues, I know the cause. That is, my paltry 1mb/s upload. Whenever a player logs in or moves very fast, it had to send you all the chunks you were going to. When it took too long, it would log you out. This is why multiple players have had trouble at the same time. A single player did not have too much trouble.

Solution: I changed the view distance/number of chunks to be loaded. It was 8 in the first map, 10 in the current map, and now 5 for the current map. Testing so far has shown a massive improvement. Almost no lag. Maybe minor lag for 3 players all moving fast.

Kyle a heads up, in about a week I think I should be able to host it.