FTB on hiatus

Just to let anyone who was curious as to what happened to FTB… It seems we had a HDD crash from our hosts. Everything was lost sadly and the account was closed.

For now, the server will stay down until the staff desire a new pack for us to play. We will keep you informed (even if no warning of plans, lol).

Rest in piece Feed the Beast. You will be forever loved in our hearts.

We can work together with a ftb community?

Hardcore necro here… but I has the FTB itch. OpenComputers has me hooked and I wanna do stuff.

Yesss please!

Can PCB realistically afford to host two servers at once right now? Alongside the website and other services.

I have said before, I have a perfectly good server available, I’m happy to host things :stuck_out_tongue:

we already have a new server but we can’t decide on the pack :
all packs these days are repetetive

Might I suggest a custom pack, tailored for PCB?
Some mods are obvious like IC2 and computers but there could also be a slew of aesthetic enhancers and mods for new blocks that would make building nice things easier.

Home made mod pack? I’m game

Thuamcraft is not yet updated doe…

The modpack server wouldn’t necessarily need to be on 1.12
We could d0 1.11 or even 1.10 and still have enough gains to take away from the loss of concrete

thuamcraft last update was 1.8

It’s very easy to create a custom pack through the Twitch launcher (which is what FTB use for distributing their packs now). It can be submitted to the Curse team for public listing consideration, or it’s possible to just distribute it ourselves.
We can use any mod on CurseForge, or mods not on CurseForge from this list. I guess the first step is to make a list of mods we want?

Last time we made a pcb pack we used another pack as a basis to work off, Would we go for beyond for the 1.10 minecraft or an older version for more mods?

I’d say that Thaumcraft is a pretty vital mod for a pack, so that puts us at 1.8.9 at the latest, but 1.8 lacks some other key mods. In my opinion, 1.7.10 is the best version as it has all of the mods that we’d want. I’ve been playing Infinity Evolved (which is 1.7.10) recently and it’s fine.

If we wanted 1.10 then we could base it on FTB Beyond, or Direwolf20’s 1.10 pack. For some reason the FTB site isn’t showing the modlist for Beyond, but the DW20 1.10 pack’s list is here.

beyond only has basic standard stuff. it gets boring within a week. everything higher then 1.8 mostly is just repetitive stuff that is in all packs that are made after 1.8.

I think the best option is to do it on 1.7. If we made a list of mods then we could see if any more recent versions supported them, but if not then 1.7 would be fine.

fatso and me are looking into it now on ts

^^^sending support this way^^^

OpenComputers, Non-negotiable!