FTB Centralised Crash Thread

Report here whenever the server is down or with a huge amount of lag
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Down now

was restart. over

Question, why sticky this?

Response from sip: Why not? Helps track problems, and keeps it at the top no matter what

Seems Hard and I crashed it. We met a Hydra and… nothing. Maybe it was something else, but it seems down to me.

Edit: Seems Hard caused it. Know how he has been collecting boss monsters like litches? Well, he tried to capture the Hydra.

I think I crashed it while mining. I was doing nothing unusual. Last thing I did was block a water source in a mine to remove a waterfall.

Down since yesterday.

Yup. I’ll restart it once I get hone in 2hrs.

I think someone did something that may have messed up the world in some way. It seems to be in an endless restart. I will try starting it again. If not then I will restart my computer tomorrow and see if that helps. In the meantime if anyone knows what happened that would be amazing, otherwise I may have to look through the dreaded logs.

Edit: Looks like I fixed it.

Edit2: Nope… something with the world I think…

I know what it is.
It’s probably a house in which someone used ghostblocks and then glitched it with a minum stone causing a graphical error to users near it. If I can somehow get on, I may be able to fix it

I already fixed it. I hadn’t seen any graphical errors though, it might have been caused by the texture packs.

The crash seemed normal, nothing out of the ordinary that i could tell. Everyone was doing their old stuff, majik, machines ect.

Hard it wouldnt be the ghost blocks would it as that has only crashed client side so far? Could be wrong though.

I know I was just collecting wood for a villager who was selling apiaries. I SO wanted those!

Out of curiosity, do you have any backups at all? Are rollbacks possible? Maybe something went wrong in a recent save and a rollback would fix?

I read about a lot of things that can break a server. Such things as using a machine the wrong way. I wonder how the gravity gun works with machines while they are working for example. Most bugs are listed in the wikis, and all seem unlikely to have been the cause. That ghost one is/was a problem, but had not been a big issue to those that avoided the area.

I want to play!!!

I don’t think that gravity guns can pick those up. Can they?

guys this place if for reports not discussions … if needed make a separate topic specific about this problem. sip is working on it =)

Still down it seems? Unless it recrashed. (from the last page I wasn’t sure if it got fixed or not)

Its not the weird house/farm in the meadow is it? If someone got stuck in that could it potentially break things.

Sip do you know if its the map or the plugins thats causing the problem at all?

I’ll give you the error message in a bit. It had something to do with server ticks if that helps at all. It doesn’t load all the mods properly before crashing. The crash log shows none loaded even though in console they appear to. I may revert back to the default FTB jar and see if that helps if not its the world.

it all dem faneh machines running ALL THE TIME

that is my bet anyways,

Why is FTB still down??? Any progress fixing? I never heard back about the existence of restore points.

I heard you can remove specific blocks from the whole world. Maybe try removing our mass fabricator or nuclear reactor? You said the issues was something to do with ticks, well those were both busy.