FragMadz - 5th of August, 2014


Minecraft Username FragMadz

Date of Ban 5th of August, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by ferrari

Reason for Ban it has ben a year now can i get unbaned plz :,(

Reason to be Unbanned a year bein baned is enougth i just want to see my old friends :,(

[ Ban History ] 3 other ban appeals found
30th of June, 2014

16th of June, 2014

11th of June, 2014

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You’ve placed 3 different ban appeals, which have all been denied in the last 3 months.
Why would you deserve to come back? What has changed about you? What has being banned taught you? (This would be the time to make a REALLLLYYY good ban appeal in order to get unbanned. Your chances are already slim, please take a minute to actually type up WHY you should come back.)

P.S; And don’t just tell me; “I’ve changed I swear, I’ll be good.”
I want a full explanation as to what you’ve learned while being banned. Why were you banned?

You were banned not even two months ago, you have sent hate messages to numerous people over planet minecraft, and it is blatentlynobvious that no-one wants you back, just stop trying mate, we don’t want you here.

It really hasn’t been barely two months, let alone a year. Your actions were highly unacceptable, Fragz, and if Liam said to have you IP banned, it will remain as such. Locked, since you fail to listen to prior appeals, and you’re going past a forum ban. I will IP ban your current one as well.