Forum Maintenance

The forums will be going down shortly for modifications, maintenance and file updating. Don’t panic!

The forum has been upgraded and modifications have been completed. Most noticeably is the new popularity system which has been revamped - more info about it to follow!

And the following report is NOW!

The new rep system allows users to give or take rep from a user while leaving a comment about it. This should be anonymous. You can view your own rep comments received under Profile < Profile Info < View Reputation.

You cannot spam reputation to any single individual, and you are limited with how many reps you can give or take each day. You must rep other users before you may rep the same individual again.

There is now a concept of Rep Power Level. A rep level of 0 means you cannot alter another’s rep points. You gain rep points through posting, creating threads, receiving it from others, and one surprise method.

For every 300 points you get, you gain a bar with a new rank description. For every 100 points you get, you gain 1 power level.

A user with a power level of 30 will give 30 rep points for each rep they give. That’s a lot! It will take a while for people to get that kind of level though.

I created the titles people get (hover over your bars). It should be amusing. Most people will be Tree Punchers for a while. I have also manually added rep to those with many posts. They should have higher power levels already.

Enjoy! The point values may change for balance later on.

Liking the little notifications also :smiley:

EDIT: Pig herder xD!

Addendum: Not sure what caused it, but there may be a minor glitch you may encounter from time to time.
The top of the page will move down about a centimeter and there will be random text in the top left.

It’s on my page now… ?
Yay, isn’t that nice?

Notice: Undefined index: mod_cache in /home/andy134/public_html/projectcitybuild/forum/Sources/Load.php on line 1612


Will add the changes I notice to this post…

Jump to!!!

Interesting. What were doing/where were you when the error popped up?

the new white bar at the top of the page does that for me =O, but i am very much liking all this development! one day we shall rival the minecraft forums >=D muhahaha

It only comes up on the home page. Not the forums. And I’m not really doing anything… Just click home, and, that is at the top of the page.

More possible bugs?

This happened with kyles Appendum post earlier also.
Not sure If this is an actual bug, or just an accidental double post…?

I’m getting the error too, and all im doing is loading the page.

It has that error (or similar) on the following pages:
Banned Players
Player List
Richest Players

This happens on
Donor List
Market Stats
NPC Listings

I assume this is just the links have not been updated/page has been removed etc?

Those links don’t exist. I don’t know why it would be throwing an error on the other links you listed since they’re not even linked to the forums

Oh, and those were just me accidentally double posting

More updates and bug fixes to follow!

cool. and, AHEM my popularity was 30 yesterday now it’s 11???!? tf now.

Loving the new stuff, it’s kinda complicated, but AWESOME!

Now to find out what i am…

EDIT: Pig Herder :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT 2: Just realised, you say you earn the titley thing with posts? I have more posts than Kyle but a lesser title… How does that work?

Why is my popularity 0 it used to be more

mine is too. my epic photo editing skills below :smiley:

[attachment deleted by admin due to data loss]

Wow, nice can’t wait to get home and check this out in full… 1 step closer :smiley:

Ok, Vaiovista - That 11 is actually your reputation power level. It is extremely high. I set your rep near 1100 since you are an OP and post quite a lot. You have more influence than many.

Ruby - Yours is higher than almost everyone. Only Admins, SOP, and Liam outclass you. I gave near max rep for Admin ranks. I have less than Andy or Special. Nek has a lot more as a bonus, but not near max at all.

So, I kinda used math to calculate the top posters points. 2 points per post plus 100 for joining the forums. Sometimes a bonus for ranks. Some rounding too.

121wer and Leothellama - I only modified the top posters because it would take me a while to get to them all. Your previous rep records have not changed in the least. The problem is, the scale is much higher now. You need 300 rep to have a power level of 1. I will eventually get around to modding other’s rep, but there are quite a lot of you.

You still gain rep and your comments get recorded. Keep as normal, and you will rank up.


ok, i see how that bit works, 1320/100 = about 13

But what i don’t get is

1170/100 = about 12

Your popularity bar thing is 35

Do admins get extra popularity for being an admin?