[Forum Game] The Wish Game v2.0

So, I saw a thread for this game a while back, and found it very amusing. I think it’d be fun to have a forum game running, and it’d encourage forum activity.

The point of the game is to think of a wish, for example: “I want lots of chocolate!”
The next person then thinks of a way to ruin the above wish, for example: “All the chocolate contains bat feces.”
That same person then makes a new wish in the same post, and the game continues to infinity.

Be sure to be super creative with your wish-ruinings, but try to make the wish itself more broad so that the next person has lots of options.

Here we go!

I wish that TKPenalty would finally come back to PCB.

TKPenalty comes back to PCB, but he has Gonorrhea and will not stop talking about it which slowly drives the server mad while making all the guests run for their lives.

I wish for Kingdom Hearts 3 to finally come out…

Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out, as you wish, but it’s a total trainwreck. The developers have ruined the game, and totally thrown the Kingdom Hearts series out in the trash. This is so devastating that Square Enix and Disney quickly lose popularity, and with that, sales. In coming years, both companies file for bankruptcy, and the companies eventually collaspe I the late 2020’s or early 2030’s. Most people are disappointed with the loss of Square Enix, but it doesn’t affect the world as much as Disney. Because of Disney’s previously massive media tyranny, all forms of popular culture are thrown off balance in some way. Many dead spaces in television, news, radio, and Internet start appearing, and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, lose their jobs. Eventually, a media rebellion starts, and all media is overrun by neo-Nazi rebels. Communistic ideals are spread worldwide, and Asian governments like China and North Korea dominate the geopolitical scene. The unhealthy habits of these countries bleed into society, and very quickly Earth becomes depleted of its resources, mainly from constant war between extremist parties defying the unified world government. The Earth eats itself up, and the bonds holding together our Solar System become weaker and weaker, and everything starts to fly apart. This cascade starts a domino effect throughout the entire universe, until all that’s left is a black hole of an unfathomable scale. This black hole simultaneously implodes and explodes, causing a singularity to form, and a new Big Bang to occur, where chinchillas have become sentient and now command an intergalactic empire. Humans are now mere slaves to the chinchilla race. The chinchillas start developing video games, and processes similar to this continue to occur until time runs dry, and all of space time collapses upon itself, bringing everything in existence back to a nonexistent void.

Damn I love this game.

My wish:
I want a giant kitty the size of an elephant that I can ride.

You get your kitty, but…


Credit to theoatmeal.com

I wish Steam would get their shit together so I can use my £20 gift card.

Stem eventually got their shit together and you were able to use your £20 gift card, but a temporarily server malfunction caused your £20 to be deposit in someone else’s account, which triggered your anger and caused you to kill your neighbour’s puppy. Things got even worse when you found out the person who received the money was an 11-year-old who decided to spend it on two copies of Barbie™ Dreamhouse Party™, one copy for her and the other for her imaginary friend, which eventually caused you to hire a hacker to track down the girl’s address and kill her with a chainsaw.

I wish I had money to buy a 1600€ Burberry trench coat.

You receive €1600. The euro then crashes, tripling the price of the coat.

I wish for Fallout 4 DLC to come out soon so I can stop replaying skyrim for the 1000000th time.

The DLC comes out. You spend a lot of your hard earned money on getting it (immediately, which is why it costs more than the game itself), not realizing that due to a steam challenge, you would have gotten it for free had you just finished your millionth playthrough.

I wish for a country irl called Potatostan. :slight_smile:

Potatostan doesn’t exist. Almost all land is already owned, and you would have to go to war to earn that land. You would be pummeled, and exiled to some desolate wasteland, doomed to starvation. Severe debt would pile up, you would be considered a war criminal and hunted down. Only then, can you form a Potatostan.



I want Han Solo to come back.


[details=“Spoiler”]Han solo comes back[/details], but every scene in which he takes part completely ruins the entire movie, being a business disaster. Because of the money loss Disney sells new merchandising doing crossovers between every star wars character and Minnie mouse.

I want Xcom 2 not to suck.

I wish for people to stop being so God damn politically correct.

Kurry wishes for less political correctness but unfortunately a wish can’t come true if she doesn’t do something in return…I mean cough she forget to spoil someone’s damn wish so I mean Karma is playing devil’s advocate and certainly not getting her wish granted.

Roison on the other hand, Xcom 2 unfortunately will suck because turn based battle systems will probably make a return thus leading to frustration into disappointment and furthermore rage quitting and resorting to live action battle games such as the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake or better yet Kingdom Hearts 3.

Now onto my wish. I wish that you could physically play as amiibo characters in super smash and just kick peoples asses with one punch by the time the amiibo reaches the highest level.

-Sincerely someone who has never used an amiibo until today and was very disappointed to discover that you could not play as the character.

Everyone else can play as an amiibo characters except for you, which results in you getting your ass kicked every time you play.

I wish that department stores would stop marketing Christmas stuff before December.

They stop marketing christmas stuff before December. However, there’s no difference as it’s always after December (of the previous year).

I wish for steam to actually use some of their approximately billion dollar revenue to get non-shitty support.

Steam uses their billion dollar profits to go on a rampant gambling spree in Vegas, and they loose it all. The company goes bankrupt, and shuts down. Everyone loses their games and DLC. All gamers go into panic mode and flip out. They begin to riot in the streets and start to fight, not realizing that it is no longer a game anymore. WWIII break out and nukes start flying. Now it is real life Fallout 4. Thanks for nothing Steam

I wish for world peace.

Do you really think that’s going to happen?

I wish for a 1999 Honda Accord sedan.

You get your Honda Accord, and it is awesome. You take care of it and baby it. Then you crash it into the former Steam headquarters. You are completely paralyzed, get bed sores, and die from complications when your colostomy bag backed up. Apparently you were just full of shit. :slight_smile:

I wish for a cure for cancer.

Cancer can now be cured. Unfortunately, doing so gives you AIDS and ebola.

I wish for £1,000,000.

The magical genie mistakes your wish of £1,000,000 for 1,000,000 pounds. Now you are just fat. Really fat.

I wish for Netflix.ca to have the same content as Netflix in the US

Netflix.ca becomes identical to Netflix in the US. However, when you realize that Netflix in the US has basically nothing, the entire data base collapses and Netflix goes out of business.

I wish for a koala.