[Forum Game] Ruin the Wish

You have to ruin the wish of the person above you. Then, also make your own wish.

Standard genie rules apply. No wishing for other wishes, genies, lamps, or ways to obtain other wishes. You get one wish. Only one wish, and only one ruin per wish. If someone beats you to it ruin theirs instead

Now, my turn.

I wish for £1,000,000!

but you have to shit it out 1 at a time.

I wish for endless candy/chips to eat

The moment your moment you are hungry the exact right amount of chips/candy appears in your stomach. This means you can never eat any thing ever again.

I wish for a fast pass to get straight A’s in all my exams ( with no revision).

Everyone else also gets As, meaning that they change the grade boundries, so you get all Bs.

Any time something bad happens in my life, something good immediately happens afterwards.

The good isn’t even good for you, but for others around you.

I want to have music playing in the back of my head 24/7.

It’s “Cradle of Filth”, at the volume of an aeroplane taking off, but because it’s in your head you never go deaf


I want to always be lucky

You will see a chicken named Lucky, and become it. Then you will always be Lucky.

I wish to have a chicken named Lucky.

It’s patient 0 for an especially potent variety of Avain Flu that jumps to humans, killing millions.

I want to be able to remember everything that people tell me

Everyone tells you how much you are a horrid person, and every point they make is valid and true.

I wish for world peace.

…which the world realises can only happen without the US of A, so they build a giant fence around it and take all its weapons.

Bacon, just bacon.

You die of obesity and high cholesterol .

I wish that I get anything I want for free.

You forget to specify a quantity, and it suddenly starts raining from the sky, crushing you.

I want for Taylor Swift to stay off spotify forever

For that to happen you have to be her boyfriend for all eternity.

I wish to be able to cast fireballs from the palms of my hands.

Your wish is granted, but you have no control over when you shoot.

I wish that I could fly

What? Octo is evolving? Octo evolved into a Pidgey. Congratulations you can now fly.

I wish I could be a Pokemon Trainer. :smiley:

A large disease sweeps the nation affecting all of your good pokemon, weak pokemon are ironically immune to the disease (IE Magikarp4lyf)

I wish for world peace (gl)
I wish to be accepted into hogwarts and have a lucrative student life.

You’ve been accepted but get sorted into Hufflepuff. Your lucrative student life leads you to the coins that Octo shit out as part of his first wish.

I wish for a top chef that will come and cook my food for me.

You get a top chef, who specialises in cannibalism. And you get locked in a room together.

I want to be able to travel through time.

You succeed, in the same manor as in the film “Click”

I wish to be able to pause and unpause time.

When you pause time, your brain pauses along with it.

I wish for a mansion.