Forsyth News


Plans are being made for a hi speed elevated rail in Forsyth!

This rail will run along the current and future parts of the Interstate 85 Corridor!

How it will work is instead of lighting in the current freeway median, we will have beams supporting an elevated rail with stops for passengers every 2 exits, with the exception of a stop at Main Street and a stop at Colerain Avenue, (1 exit apart from Main).

The rail line will continue to Interstate 285 (Not yet planned/built) and stop there at a realistic park and ride station.

To the south, Pennescola, that is up to ItalianChild.

It would be cool to see a normal ground rail for transporting actual containers with supplies etc for trade around the map connected to my GTFO project!

I will have more info located on the Forsyth News thread in the map discussion


In one week, I will be leaving for a week to go on vacation to Florida with my friends and family so most likely I will not be able to join AT ALL. I will be back the next Saturday after that in 8 days after i leave next Friday.


  • New Forsyth real estate thread made, I will be working on that as soon as the server goes back up.

  • New Eastern Plaza under construction, we will have 4 hi class business, restaurant, or bar lots for you to look at and start your own franchise!

  • Planning underway for the Forsyth Mecca (Mall). It will be located next to the Forsyth Spleefing Stadium and will share a parking garage with it. It will feature walkways for easy access to the parking garage, stadium, and a new hi rise condominium complex! I plan to make this complex the best one yet and it will feature at least 10 floors of living space with two units to a floor making for plenty of room in each unit, a waterfall from the top of the hi rise going into the lobby floor, and a full restaurant space in the lobby! It will also feature an indoor pool, a rooftop garden, and a beautiful view of Forsyth and Pennescola!


  • Hard24Get finishes the Forsyth city proper section of Interstate 85 with flying colors! Great job to him, you have him to thank not me! It is now linked with Pennescola and Bamberly Village, but exit ramps are still needed for this stretch. This will only be the first of many stretches of the freeway, until the next paste, more cooperation will be needed between me and Hard due to the fact that exits weren’t added and marked and the road still remains “Downtown Wide” in lane amounts far from the city center.

  • Olive Garden in Eastern Plaza is going up!

  • New Forsyth Convention Center is built! Located West of I 85 near the city center, impossible to miss as you travel down the freeway.

  • Locations marked for the mall, a new hi rise condo, and a parking garage that will serve spleef arena, the mall, and condominium complex to go up!

  • Final Planning Stages for the Hi Rise Condominium, Aston Oaks Tower, is complete!

. 40 large units, 5 penthouse/luxury units!
. Full Restaurant, called “Prima Vista” to be located in the lobby area!
. Possible interconectivity with the future Hi Speed rail in Forsyth in the parking garage!
. Waterpark attached to the lobby! Featuring hi dives, water slides, outdoor sea swimming and more!
. Rooftop garden and community farm area!
. Walking trail thru the city!
. Preloaded with business space attatched to the lobby for hi class retail, restaurants, and shopping!
. Interconectivity with the spleef arena grand entry, the Forsyth Towne Centre, and possibly the new docks area!

thats a good idea you could possibly link it up with my town :slight_smile:

woahwoahwoah there, ur just doing what liam and gang are doing, that’s what he made it for, don’t make another one to confuse people with it.

woahwoahwoah there I’m just doing something for Forsyth not for the server calm down. This is in a WHOLE DIFFERENT THREAD what are you talking about?

Don’t connect them to other towns, sorry exter

I will be connecting my rail to other towns within a reasonable range of Forsyth’s reach.

Is this being made after the Plaza or what? Since i’m employed in construction i’d like to know all of Forsyth’s projects up ahead.

Good news Vel, the whole shopping plaza area is clear and leveled thanks to Hard24Get who has always helped me in the past and still does. And after the plaza a mall is being made with a parking garage and the mall with have walkways to both a new condominium complex and the Forsyth stadium!

the rail can go to my town when it is built. but i still need supplies and building skills

We can make a temporary goods transport rail from Forsyth to Bamberly Village if you want but it will be replaced with a permanent one sometime in the future.

yeah i mean if i can build a grid of roads then people can just build there but i have no cleanstone or wool

Alright well we can think of something…

Well I guess this affects Forsyth so I will add it here.

As you might have known, KFC was recently sold to myself ka_52, and since I already own Taco Bell, I have merged the two companies to KT INC. Short for Kentucky Taco Incorporated.

President of Taco Bell-Chaz_the_spaz
Manager of Forsyth Taco Bell-b33z
Manager of Forsyth KFC-Now Hiring 0/1 Filled
Cashiers (both locations)-Now Hiring 0/3 Filled
Cooks (both locations)-Now Hiring 0/2 Filled
Farmers (KT INC)-Now Hiring Part Time Job-Contact ka_52

Thank you and enjoy our new service!

Note: KFC will open soon after the server is up again! Look for Opening Today or Tomorrow hopefully!

CEO of KT Inc

Should I add this to the jobs list?

I feel that I should mention the Forsyth-Hyran Ruins Tunnel.
As of last time I was on, it was roughly 30-45% dug out.

Yep, if you want I can make it a job offer in the applications board. Just use the same layout ka_52 did.

There are no nearby corporations near Forsyth that are known besides Bamberly Village which is working in cooperation with our city.

Speaking of Forsyth’s food supplies, are we going to be building some community/public farms?
or even privately own farmed plots, which perhaps could be sold?
At any rate i believe we need somewhere to grow food in Forsyth.

if you want some underground farms i could do that

In other news.
Hard24get makes I85 Fucking massive.
But you have to add exits and signs and whatnot fili

For now, urban farming is needed. Urban farming -

As for I 85 I couldn’t thank you enough Hard, you saved me days possibly months of work!