Faction Wars


[size=12pt]This thread will be used to keep track of factions and their alliances/hostilities.

Current Factions:

[ul][li]The Hylian Knights - Owner: Pierre_Doucet [/li]
[li]The Army - Owner: Bolje_da_bezis[/li][/ul]

(Brief descriptions from faction owners needed.)

Other Factions:

[ul][li]The Assassins - Will join/fight other factions as they wish. Will not form alliances, can be hired. Owner: liam599[/li]
[li]The UN - Impartial, do not fight unless it is necessary to maintain order. Owner: Ka_52[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]No current alliances.[/li]

Hostilities: (could someone suggest a better word than hostilities please xD)

[ul][li]The Hylian Knights - The Army[/li]


[ul][li]The Hylian Knights -Vs- The Army Date: TBA[/li]

Rules/Aims of War:


  1. Must make a camp a short distance from the defenders base.
  2. Must destroy the flag on the defenders base to win.
  3. May loot any unlocked chests in attackers base.
  4. Will be tpd to a site for their camp, and will have 5 minutes to prepare.[/li]
  5. Base must have a flag.
  6. Flag must be accessible without breaking blocks.
  7. Must not let attackers destroy their flag.[/li]
  8. May not rejoin the battle once you have been killed.
  9. Must have a base.
  10. No flying.
  11. Must return items a player drops if the killed player requests it at the end of the match.
  12. No use of smite/fireball/kill/god/other commands.
  13. No tp during battles.[/li][/ul]

(This post is still being made. Please suggest ideas for it below!)

This again…

Yeah, hopefully it will stay for a bit longer. I get bored after I make a home, and lack reasons to even come on the server any more tbh…

And people are interested in it, so…

As part of the UN, we shall allow for battles under the stated rules, however we will monitor the situation and if it gets out of control we will intervene.

Personally, I love factions. But i think we’re going to need more players in order for a faction war to play out correctly. But hey, good luck.

Um Liam, I actually founded the Hylian Knights, so yeah…

I personally dislike faction servers. Mostly because it gives people a reason to just go around killing people for no reason. However i don’t mind playing in a faction just to go screw around with people. :stuck_out_tongue:

Factions were banned in 1.8 by Hard24Get due to too much hating.

Just want to make that clear before this gets too serious.

well we will talk to Hard and see if we can’t get this sorted out, Pierre is right Liam, he did start it, but Pierre, if you don’t mind im the one charging the knights into battle, unless you are joining the fray as well. and Pierre could you make a description?

its ok Zesty im on my way to being like that. just drank a half bottle of moscato with my sister. so your not the only one ;D

I would like to point out that I did not intend to fight when I started the Hylian Knights. It was more of a friendly club kind of thing. The only reason this lead to war was because I didn’t check my thread often enough and people got the wrong idea.

I had in no way planned for war.

its all in good Fun Pierre. no harm done mate. its more of a real time strategy side game on MC is all… if you don’t wanna bother with the War bit then i will in your stead if thats what you would like, but just lemme know.

That UN thing reminds me, I need to make a new peace keeper skin. ;D
Peace keeper for frekin war, :stuck_out_tongue:

I just found out i am in 10th place for most posts. ;D ;D ;D
However im only ahead of some people by a few posts. :o
and behind many others by about 100 posts. COUGH COUGH, zesty, COUGH COUGH XD

Alright fuck it, scrapping this idea as like with most things, this has died too.

On hold. As people disagree.

Don’t scrap it entirely. I think when we have a lot more players this could actually work. The thing is, factions really need goals. Whoever leads them must give out tasks to its members. For example, I would gladly get sent out to acquire materials for a project.

I tried that with the Assassins. Then it just like, died.

Factions were never banned, apart from in classic when people seemed to have TNT fetishes.

COME ON LIAM WAKE UP BRO! i for one am not giving up on this. if nothing else this could be a great way to get people online, especially if we just hold out untill 1.2
Pierre, forgive me, but i am going to go ahead and run just this one part of the Knights. you can be in charge of the peace part of the knights, rules and the like, but as far as war goes i am assuming the command for now.
we WILL make this a better server, but we need things like THIS to make it happen. people having to work together, not only to build, but to build to succeed in a common goal is exactly what we need.

Hard did ban factions after foul play got involved and people started to get banned. PvP was broken at the time so it was pretty stupid. All factions produced at the time was hate. I can’t do anything to stop factions from reforming, but remember why Andy rejected getting the plugins for it and why they ended in the first place.

The plugins were rejected as they were the same as towny. Which we hated. You’re a bit late on this topic as I have been keeping the assassins going for a while. And at the time is the main point there. There was no structure and people were being stupid. As far as I am concerned if people roam around killing people as they wish they will be banned from the server, as it is classed as player harassment.