Ender Grinder Proposal

I remember when ender grinders were legal, that was the height of our economy. People were able to mine more stuff and items like leather and paper were in high demand. One of the main reasons they were banned was because there was only 2-3 and the owners charged thousands for access.

Here is proposal:

  1. Ender grinders become legal to make again

  2. 1 grinder is made by PCB

  3. Bring back death-chests, but no saving xp

If this happens, then there is a grinder that everyone can use. If people desire to use grinders more often, then they can make their own or buy access from someone else. , the prices won’t be into the thousands like before, and people won’t be ‘ripped off’. When death-chests can’t carry xp, then it still allows xp to be a little more rare than before. What do you think? Vote on the poll above.

I’m against it, mob spawners work fine in my opinion. plus, its impossible to limit to once per day. People would just set home inside the spawner.

Well, mob spawners take a long time (and it’s hard with 10min afk kick). Why not allow people to make something they can?

I see what you mean, what if it was open 24/7? It could just be made to yield less xp/harder to kill enders, and having multiple people using at once would most likely make people want to go make their own.

I pushed for this a long time ago, and am still for it. Very surprised someone hasn’t flipped out and locked this yet, although it’s nice to see someone that’s an operator feel this way.

Well Ferr has been master of the Econ for a while now. IF he thinks it won’t break the econ, I guess it is okay in my book.

At least the 10 min kick limits the afk abuse this could cause.

I don’t see the point really, to me it takes away some of the fun of Minecraft. Personally, I like the idea of working towards something. I want a really good enchantment? Okay then, that’s something for me to do for a while! :smiley: But with an ender grinder, you just go there to get all of your stuff to god level aaaaand you’re done. Now what?

Ender grinders aren’t super easy to make, and most people are too lazy to build them or don’t care. It’s a lot better putting the time into one and getting faster xp, rather than having to sit there for an hour waiting for mobs to spawn for a 1 spawner grinder.

I saw we all give our money to whubilly

I’m with Liam on this one. As much as I rage when I lose certain things (and we all know that), I don’t really like the idea of Endergrinders. I can already see it, the same few people would always be at it, and literally bypassing the whole point of the game. I like that we have to work to get ahead on this game. I feel like mob spawners are enough to my opinion… But I mean, I’m not gonna be all pissy if one resurfaces.

Ferrari, the reason it boosted the economy before is there was a cash reward for every mob killed. We don’t have that now, and all that will happen is the number of ender pearls will skyrocket, so we have another item crashing in price. I really don’t see how unbanning them will help the economy at all.

On the other hand, the ender grinders aren’t exactly able to be abused now for anything more than exp, and you can still get tons of that just from cooking cobble into stone.

So yes, I think they should be unbanned, but your reasoning for it makes no sense to me.

A grinder is a grinder, they just have different speeds of how quickly you can get exp. All this ban does, is make us sit there waiting forever for mobs to spawn.

Actually, I wasnt here for tge “cash for mobs” thing. As it is right now, ender pearls are still practically worthless, Since people can already warp and trusted+ can tp.

Here is the way it will help the economy, like before:

People use xp to enchant tools; such as shovels and picks.
People then can mine faster and more efficently, getting more goods
Some people then sell to market shops/create their own shops

This is one of the many benefits with having grinders, there are many more such as:
Higher demand for ores (i.e. diamonds, iron, etc.), leather/paper, and way down the line, possibly bigger houses (that they’ll) have to pay for.

The only negatives would be a drop in ender pearl prices, something thats not even used anyway.

Basically what Ferr said but I do have one thing to say:
Enderpearls ARE useful. Yes I can teleport to anywhere I want to but they are sometimes useful because you don’t want to be standing there calculating coords. And they make enderchests that are quite useful.

I came up with a good idea as well-
Towns are allowed 1 spawner per 20 residents
Private spawners can only be small scale
Blaze spawners are not affected as they are genuinely useful
And one or two ender spawners which should operate on a ‘If you helped you can use it’ basis. And payment as well.

you do know the more endergrinders there are the more worse it works?

i think its stupid to even try. since we have quartz also and that is way faster then grinding.

enderpearls aren’t that much needed since most people on the server can fly.
and enderchest aren’t that much needed at least most people just need 1 and everyone has one so we don’t need many.

I think its better to keep it this way.

Multiple ender grinders are only less efficient if they are close to each other.

I say no cause XP is something you are suppose to work towards and an ender grinder just gives too much too fast ending up in everyone having high level equipment without even trying. At least mob spawners are much slower so you don’t become level 30 in only a few minutes.

Again, a grinder is a grinder. The only thing you’re doing is making us sit there longer for exp.

I’ve been for this since the very beginning. Alright, it actually makes a lot of sense to unban these grinders, both economically, and just for fun. In the Economy, diamonds would actually have a higher demand, instead of just being sold off, you would want to use them to see what enchants you can get. Leather and sugarcane would go up for books as well as redstone for the pistons.

For the ones that say it ruins the fun of Minecraft, oh contrary. It is actually really fun to know that you have gotten those items/enchants from something completely Vanilla, no free diamonds needed. This allows for yourself to mine more, kill more, and explore more. And isn’t that what Minecraft is about? No limits. I’d say if you can do it in Vanilla and it doesn’t cause any harm to the server I’m for it.

Fyi, I took me around 10 hours to build my grinder back in the day, actually a really fun project. :smiley: Just my 2 cents.

At this time there are 54% in favor of my idea, and 63% in favor of bringing ender grinders back. This is about 2/3 in favor. I have no locked voting, since I believe 22 voters is enough.

I believe this has passed.

Hello Ferrari, I should weigh in my opinion I suppose. I see that there has been some history with ender grinders with people gaining too much exp and using this to their advantage.

I can see why they were banned at the time, since people could harvest too much exp from them. I also noticed that while I was looking at PCB stats the mob most frequently killed by a large margin was Endermen, and now I see why…

I guess it’s about whether people should be able to get a large amount of free and/or easy exp. It would probably make the economy richer, and in addition give people more exp to do things. If the exp from the grinders can be rationed out or something then I think it’s a great idea to help the economy.

Basically, yes, I think they should be brought back but, only with limits on how long/much they can be used