Done, goodbye.

Apparently I was banned for blowing a island up that I had permission to. So goodbye. Im off to write bad reviews about this server and I wont make a appeal for you hardheads will of course say no and derp around. So goodbye noobasses

Jx, even if you WERE allowed to blow it up, you have done WAY too much crap on this server. All the FCA wars and what not, I am just sick of it. Don’t change your mind and come back. STAY AWAY FOREVER IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO BAD CRAP NO ONE LIKES. You have made a lot of threads saying you were leaving, well I sure do hope this one is true. Goodbye. Have a nice life.

No, actually, you were NOT allowed to blow it up. I repeatedly told you that you were NOT allowed to blow up ANYTHING within a VERYYYYYY FAR radius of my islands. I even went ahead and TP’d you out to where you could blow things up. You warped back to my town, swam an island away, RIGHT NEXT TO MY TOWN, and then you sat down your TNT, and I tried destroying it, it blew up in my face, destroyed my island and almost killed me in the process. So I have EVERY RIGHT to ban you. I’ve given you more than one warning about you griefing ANYTHING in ANY towns, and here we are, AGAIN. Clearly you do not have the team-spirit and maturity to play on this server. We are a community, not a war-haven. You’ve had previous warnings from other mods, and I’m sorry it ended this way, but you earned that ban Jx. I have nothing against you, you chose to get banned.
I mean, I even made the effort of flying super far away to get you to an island still in the same region as Kuribo that you could mess with. You chose the birch forest right next to my town. And then, after you blew things up, you have the audacity to tell me; “Chris told me I could do it!”
I don’t give a rats-ass what Chris could’ve told you. I AM THE TOWN OWNER. What I say GOES. And I know for a fact that Chris didn’t tell you to, because he was messaging me in private telling me to shadow you and watch you because he didn’t trust you.
So, sorry Jx. You did this one to yourself, pal.

Jx I am personally tired of you trying to make everyone else the bad guy. This is clearly your fault not Kurry’s, not Chris’. You can throw your self a pity party. Obviously this server meant something to you but you are not the only one, I treasure this server to along with everyone else on it. But you like to ruin it for everybody. When you don’t get your way, for instance when you wanted my job as Head of White House Security and you didn’t get you made a terror attack on us. Don’t ever come back we don’t need you. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

Well, I dont think anyone will belive you after they read this topic.

P.S. You dont want to know how much I want to ban you from the forums now…

someone make it so you can watch the video here I don’t know how to Q_Q

Sorry whu Lmao



checks that jx has gone


I really hope he does check back…

Its okay marco I only just realised today whilst typing angrily that ocram is marco backwards lol

holy shit, me too


Countdown is a televison programme where two contestants try to get more points by completing challenges. The word challenge, the contestants take turns to ask the presenter (currently Rachel) for consonants and vowels, and they have to try and make the longest word possible. They then complete a maths challenge when 5 numbers are picked, and contestants have to get as close to a target number as possible.

You forgot the countdown conundrum

Oh yeah. Basically you have a jumbled up word (we’re talking 10 letters) and the first person to get it wins points!

ok this is outta control. Locking

Jx, dont let the door whack you on the ass as you leave.