Do you play an instrument?

Hey guys! Do you play an instrument? If so, tell us what it is in the comments and try to attach a video/audio clip of you playing! I play percussion (mostly drumset) and piano. I’ll try to attach a clip later.


I can play the piano and keyboard. I used to play the clarinet but I broke the reeds all the time so I stopped. :slight_smile:

I used to play the trombone in 5th grade. Unsure if I can still do so…

Same here. I quit in 6th grade because:

1: I realized I couldn’t read music
2: My teacher was an ass.

Learnt violin in primary school (Years 5-6 I think, age 10 to 11), but didn’t enjoy it really. Had to learn specific bits of shit music so I wasn’t motivated to practice. Quit before the end of year 6. Still can’t read sheet music, but who needs that shit? :stuck_out_tongue:


At practice, with a broken leg at the time. 3/4 size bass because I was too short to play a full size one. Hah.

At this point, a friend of mine had started learning guitar. Going to high school, he suggested I learn to play bass so we could form a band and go along to the school rock club where they put on a gig at the end of every year. Basically a social gathering of musicians.

So I learnt bass for a few years, then got interested in learning guitar. Tried it, ended up only playing bass in any band I was in. If I wasn’t in a band, I would always choose guitar instead and I enjoyed it more - you can piss around, improvise, learn more complicated things etc.


One of the gigs we did. No idea where. Assuming this was still when I had a broken leg, judging by the fact that I’m still sat down.

Never done a single exam for guitar or bass, I’ve just learnt songs that I’ve liked. Makes it way more enjoyable. I currently have 4 guitars. Details for those interested:
Encore 3/4 size bass (no idea the model. Based of a Fender precision bass.)
Epiphone G400 SG Cherry Red
Epiphone Matthew Kichii Heafy Les Paul Custom
Marina by Farida acoustic (Again, I don’t know the model.)

As for recordings I have these I suppose. Recorded recently. A friend of mine is recording vocals for the Don Broco cover, so that is currently a work in progress. I might fix up some of the guitar mistakes too yet.

Then, these were recording a mixing tests. Again, far from perfect as they were done relatively quickly without any sort of multiple instrument or track layering like there is in the Don Broco cover, just the original song in the background for the A Day to Remember cover.

I have other covers on YouTube, but I can’t bring myself to listen to many of them as I notice the mistakes…
These two are alright I guess. No idea why the second one is so quiet though.

I have a bass, 2 guitars and a ukulele, dont know what kind they are and I am shit with them all.

I’d like to learn to play guitar better but keeping a rhythm is hard for me and I end up sound like shit.

I play piano, electric guitar and clarinet

Clarinet: Yamaha

Keyboard/Piano: Techniques KN600

Guitar: Fender Squire Strat

Been playing an epiphone dot guitar for half a year ayyy

I play air guitar. That counts, right?

I play clarinet liek Squidward, and I also play piano like a boss


I’m learning the guitar slowly but surely, these are my guitars




Also my amp



I’ve been playing the trumpet for 8 years now. Brass all the way.

Been playing percussion for a pretty long time. :smiley:

Love dat Marimba.

My vocal chords if that counts? haha

I used to sing and be in choir until early high-school, idk if I can sing anymore :confused: its been a while but I won solo ensemble shit for singing some long ass song in hebrew, so it shouldnt be that bad :stuck_out_tongue:

I played the recorder for like 2 weeks in primary school


I play a bit of the guitar. Took 3 years of classes for it at my high school. :stuck_out_tongue:

here we go time line Activatee!

[ul][li]Recorder 1 year[/li]
[li]Clarinet 12,5 years[/li]
[li]2x Tinwhistle 5 years[/li]
[li]Ocarina 6 Hole 1 years[/li]
[li]Ocarina 12 Hole mastery 1 year[/li]
[li]soon to come: Violin 3/4th (cuz i have frickin small fingers)[/li][/ul]

Also played in an Orchestra for 10 years.
I help with music performances at the nearby elementary school.
I was part of the board of our orchestra for a year.

wishlist : Violin, Cello, Guzheng and the EWI

Ah yes. The golden ages of school. I used to be a beast at the recorder.

I finished all 6 years of music school for the piano and the flute at the same time when i was 13. Then i got into percussions so i started music school for that too and finished it 4 years later then i started to play acoustic guitar (self taught). Meenwhile started playing the electric guitar and bass…

I know how to play ze drums.

I won’t say percussion, as I was too lazy to want to learn marimba, xylophone, vibrophone, etc…

However, I have a 20 year old Tama

And I also have a few year old Mapex kit