Custom Map Bank? (Head & Banner Bank)

Hello PCB,

Lately I’ve noticed that custom maps are growing in popularity and thought, why not have a bank full of generic maps? (i.e Roadsigns, Company Logos etc.) I’d be willing to start and put time into this if the peoples of the server would find this useful. :smiley:

-Your Local Trusted 

That sounds like a good idea! That would actually be pretty cool. But it wouldn’t be vanilla…

What do you mean it wouldn’t be vanilla? Custom Maps are in vanilla lol
I mean we should have one place for all the maps to be accessed.

We have a /warp mapscache where you can build some custom maps but I dont think there are any road signs etc. so if you wanna build some there go ahead as they would be useful for a lot of people :slight_smile:

I’m up for doing some, what does everyone want?

Really sounds a good idea, but , I have been thinking, we could have some kind of bank of cities realism, with custom trees, road signs, cars and custom maps. What do you think?

I think both are a really good idea! I am willing to help when my laptop is back up and running.

@hywel I know we have a mapscache, I think there is a misunderstanding, with the Map Bank I intend to gather all the maps into one, organized place. ;D

@Katycat_ @EstevaoBuilder
Yeah! Kinda like a Detail Bank :? xD

I feel like mapscache should only have a few maps up at a time, and a room of finished maps as items. As soon as one is finished, it should be turned into a handheld map then removed to conserve space. Also, all the banks should really be in the same area.

I agree with this. It would be much easier and less time consuming. Might take awhile to do but it’s still a really good idea.

Deleting the maps would be a problem, because when the server resets (as it could do whenever an error occurs), the map that once shown a stop sign, for example, would be blank. The only way for you to retrieve the stop sign again would be to go to the location of where the map was created at. If that location of the stop sign were removed, you would have to rebuild the sign again to fill the map again.

I have another idea. Would it be worth it to make a new map dedicated to custom maps?

Another option: Maps are stored in separate files in the world folder. This means it’s very easy to change them etc. There’s a tool for converting pictures, or strips of square pictures into maps. And you can set the supposed coordinates of the map to be way outside, such that it can never be overwritten, so presumably if we ask the admins really nicely and remember our pleases and thankyous, we might be able to get some signs in this way, which would be considerably easier than building them out.

I believe we had a plugin like this in the past, which was constantly abused, according to the stories of older players. I feel it’d much better if we went with the idea of the existing head/banner banks.
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I would start by making the “P” for parking sign. That would be heeps useful

That’s already been made by @thejoshua79 btw. If anyone would like it just ask me cos I have that one in my ender chest and a few others too that he has made

We tried this before, it became lag central since it had to get it off the internet. Taking up the bandwidth etc.

If i’m correct a few city Metro maps are there which are quite useful

If we’re going to do this, there might be trouble with people loading lewd/offensive material from the internet. I suggest using this plugin, but disable the URL function to normal members, and instead only allow staff to upload material that they believe would be useful as decoration.

I’d assume Trusted+ would work