Creative Warp Rules

  1. Build out of sight from another town and/or other buildings. Make a tall 1x1 pillar and look around (have your render distance set to far!). If you cannot see any other towns or buildings then you may build on the plot of land. If you want to build near another town you need the permission of that town’s Mayor in order to start constructing.

  2. Try to pick a theme for your town/project (Example: ‘Big City’ is literally a city, ‘Rennes’ is a recreation of a real life place.)

  3. As there are no residents in creative, towns must contain at least 10 structures, 8 of which must be unique. These structures must be large enough inside to be used as a house in survival minecraft.

    3.1. Of these 10 builds at-least 3 require a completed and detailed interior - Exemptions Apply (see below)

    3.2. These buildings should be original. Towns that are mostly copied from tutorials or schematics will not be given warps.

  4. The town/project must contain lots of detail. Any box houses or ‘simple’ structures will not be accepted. A simple structure is made from three or fewer materials and lacks depth and detail.

  5. If the project is not a town, then it must be large in size, and interiors must be furnished.

  6. Unfinished projects will be given a warp at the discretion of a SOP+

  7. 3 staff members must agree to the warp before it is created.
    7.1. A Senior Operator or Administrator must be at least one of these approvals

  8. Inactive warps may be removed.

  9. The first three staff members you ask for your warp to be approved are the ONLY staff who may approve your warp. Any other staff will be unable to approve your warp.

Warps that do not comply with these rules will be removed.

Rule 3.1 Exemption Criteria:

Due to the nature of very large builds, interiors built for the lobby/ground floor of the build will count as completed interiors.
Warp requests for projects that are not towns are exempt from this requirement

:warning: Staff reserve the right to deny a warp/revoke a warp even if your town meets these requirements (e.g. Visible lack of effort/quality)

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