Creative Warp Rules & Guidelines

Creative Warp Rules & Guidelines

Please be sure to adhere to all rules and be aware of all guidelines. You must follow all the rules to gain and maintain eligibility for a warp. The guidelines are here to give you an indication of what staff consider when voting on your warp application.


  1. You must build out of sight of any other project (generally considered to be at least 200 block away). Fly up and look around before you start building to ensure you are compliant. If you cannot see any other projects then you may build in that area.
  2. Pick a theme for the project. If it is a modern city, be sure to keep it coherent.
  3. All warp locations must meet the following criteria:
    • The warp approval sign must be within the immediate area of the spawn location (no more than 20 blocks from spawn point and not outside the same room).
    • A sign must be placed which notes the project owner and a backup contact in the event that the owner becomes inactive or is banned.
  4. Once your project satisfies all the other rules and adheres to the necessary guidelines, you must complete a valid Warp Application and receive the necessary approvals.
  5. Make sure your project has the minimum number of required buildings and interiors. Below is a breakdown of minimum requirements based on scale:
1:1 2:1
Minimum Buildings 40 20
Unique Buildings 30 15
Full interiors 20 10

If your project doesn’t meet these requirements due to the nature of the project (e.g. a cruise ship), an exemption may apply. This will be taken into consideration when your application is assesed, there is nothing else you need to do.


  1. Scale - when deciding on the scale of a project, consider that smaller scale projects will need to produce more content before being considered eligible for a warp.
  2. Design - depth, colour and contrast are essential to a quality project. Make sure you are using a suitable colour pallete, that the colours contrast well. Ensure you aren’t building ‘flat’ structures, add depth to your builds by indenting windows, adding ornate detailing to exterior walls etc.
  3. Landscaping - Gardens, roadside vegetation, gradual terrain changes all help improve the feel of the project.
  4. Interiors - All projects must have some interiors, the more the better and this will dramatically increase the chances of receiving a warp.
  5. Fixtures and fittings - Street lamps, traffic signals, directional signs, road signs, road barriers, AST people all add value to the project, these details are highly appreciated.
  6. Lighting - Make sure the lighting suits the vibe of the project; not too dark, not too bright.
  7. Uniqueness - Generic small scale cities with a visible lack of effort are easily forgotten.
  8. Texture packs - If a city does use a texture pack, there must be a sign in the same area as the warp approvals advising which texture pack is used and where it can be obtained.