[Creative] Metropolis

Except, to be a selfie, I’d have needed to take it, yknow… myself.

I am using Sonic Ethers Ultra shaders along with the Invictus shaders resource pack

The BeachSide resort area is nearly finished.

A builders list, and application form has also been added.

As Chief Architecture Investigator, any buildings/structures/parks/infrastructure which do not fit the theme of the area/city, or are classified as ‘shit’ by myself, shall be removed without warning. Buildings which are classified as ‘pretty bad’ or ‘meh’ by myself, shall be given 2 weeks notice to improve the building quality before removal.

A comprehensive list of building standards and classifications can be seen below.

‘HOLY FUCK, THAT IS AWESOME’ - Only awarded to the best of the best.
‘Spiffing’ - A very high standard of building.
‘Pretty good’ - The minimum all builders should be aiming to achieve.
‘Acceptable’ - Barely above removable qualities.
‘Meh’ - Improve it or it’s gone.
‘Bad’ - Congratulations, you fucked up.
‘Shit’ - It’s gone.
‘What the fuck even is this? I don’t even…’ - Just… Never come near this town again.

Yes, that last one does mean you will be banned from building in the town. The buildings in that final category will also be showcased as examples of what NOT to build.

Also even if you make it on the builders list you cannot freely build. Plots will be allocated by me and other members of the Metropolis Government. If the plot says shop on it for instance and you build a house then your work will be terminated by our resident Chief Architecture Investigator…

The OP has been updated with some regions, and build guidelines.

(Metro Staff: Feel free to edit or clarify)

Oh sweeet co-Mayor official!

As Co-Mayor, if you have questions regarding builds of more publicized buildings such as hospitals, schools and even roads you should come to me. Also come to me if you need help in the designing and planning process. Builds shouldn’t be square or made of two materials, so in any case you need my help please approach me or leave me a message in my inbox. It’s also better to ask about things beforehand instead of doing something and being put in the Bad category. With that said, I would highly advise coming to me for details on future builds just to go over things.

[size=2px] [youtube]Hy4QjmKzF1c[/youtube] <----------------------

I would love to build a mansion in the mansion area :stuck_out_tongue:

The Beach Side area will soon need some houses, when I get on later I can set up some plots if you fancy building a Beach Side mansion. You would obviously need to apply for builder first but I am pretty sure you will get accepted. Apply here: http://goo.gl/forms/k2tD0AOJE8

*Note: i don’t know how complete Beach Side is atm as I last saw it last night.

BeachSide is a commercial leisure area. There may be some beach huts, but most of the $$$ residential will be within Peach Groves, and probably some penthouses in Downtown

On the note of areas I think www need to have a Vegas style area with clubs, casinos, fancy hotels that kind of stuff. Just a basic idea atm.

Today we had a very special visitor: NekTM!

[size=14pt]More progress in Metropolis!

[size=14pt]Yet more progress in Metropolis, featuring Penguina’s ultra swaggy Valentimes Present!


We need someone to build an Arcade on the BeachSide pier head. Coords 6786 64 5884.

You would need to build your own floor on top of the pier decking.


Arcade is underway built by dord’s boyfriend (pengunia)
The ring road has one side complete with billboards cars and lorries, crashed lorries to be added at a later date
And everyone on teamspeak had a lovely Queen sing-a-long
Oh and IKEA took over…

Also light house is finished.

Today the Metropolis Highways Agency was founded, and the construction of the first highway began.

Using only the most qualified builders:

and the best materials:

… we can proudly announce that we have built a very small section of some insignificant highway.

Using the latest Google™ Ultron™ technology™, Powered™ by™ Adobe™ Reader™, used™ by™ NASA™, we can provide this photorealistic render of the road: