[CMP1.8] Metropolis

[size=2em]A fully realistic creative city
Metropolis will be a fully realistic PCB City!

Location: Creative, 6660 68 5958 and the surrounding area

This town will have very stringent zoning and build requirements, to make it as realistic as possible. Any build that goes against these requirements will be removed. ;D

President: theoctopus
Mayor:PrinceMark (/cherryred)
Chief Architecture Investigator:Ouhai_Ruby
Planning Officer: thejoshua79
Build Team Motivator: Penguina

[size=14pt]Builders List:

Apply for Builder



[size=14pt]Build Guidelines


[size=1.45em]Part 1: Where do I build?

The city is divided into regions, and each of these regions is divided into plots. Plots will be made from a certain colour and material. In one of the corners there will be a pillar of bookshelves with information about the plot. This will be removed once the build has been approved by Mark, octo or Ruby.

The material tells you two things: level and type.

Green plots are residential
Blue plots are commercial

Wool is low class ($)
Clay is middle class ($$)
Ore blocks (emerald and diamond blocks) are upper class ($$$)

Yellow plots are industrial

Wool is heavy industry (eg: chemicals, power stations ect) ()
Clay is manufacturing ()
Gold Block is research based (science stuff) (

The four corners of the plot will be an ore block.

Coal ore means you should build a small building (eg: individual shop, house or small factory)
Iron ore means you should build a tall building (eg: a large shop, apartment block or large factory)

Building the wrong thing will put you straight into the “Bad” category.


Do not build outside of the lines, try to build on them.

At one of the corners there will also be a pillar of bookshelves, giving you some information. It will be set out like this:

Building Type (eg: Small House) $/$$/$$$/*/*/*** (eg: $$) Theme (eg: Beach) Suggestion (eg: arcade)

[size=1.45em]Part 2: What can’t I build?
Do not build city infrastructure without permission from Metro Staff, or on marked plots.

This includes but is not limited to:

[ul] [li]Hospitals[/li]
[li]Additional roads[/li]
[li]Places of worship[/li][/ul]
If we want one of these to be built we will mark a plot specifically for that. Using that plot for anything else will result in the build being moved or removed. Building these anywhere else will result in the build being moved or removed. If you think an area needs city infrastructure, ask a member of Metro Staff and we will zone an appropriate area.
[size=1.45em]Part 3: What should my build be like?

[ul] [li]Your build should not be a box, detail![/li]
[li]For a small building, the entire building must be furnished[/li]
[li]For a large building, at least the ground floor and two additional floors must be furnished[/li]
[li]Use multiple building materials, don’t just make the whole thing out of one material[/li]
[li]The ceilings should always be at least 3 blocks high, for a large building the ground floor must be at least 5 blocks high[/li][/ul]
[size=1.45em]Part 4: What happens once I’ve built?

On the lower sign on the bookshelf, Ruby will put his rating once it has been checked. Here is the rating system:

[size=1.45em]Part 5: Resource Packs

The official Resource Pack is Invictus.
Download | Download shader compatible version

Your building should, however, look good in default! Builds will be judged in default and invictus



Coming Soon…

Definatly up for this, give me the location when possible and we can start planning some regions with the other staff members. 1 question, will it have the same layout we planned it the online conference?

We kinda fucked up with layouts last time. I’m going for a less strict, but still district based, each with a distinct style.

I am prebuilding The Metropolis Centre in Bigcity and when the creative map resets i will start on a Metropolis Resort, similar to Emerald_Coconut. The Metropolis Centre is ready to be transfered to Metropolis soon however is missing a rounded off edge if that could be copied from the other side, then however it will be ready.

Can I manage parks and recreation pls


Damn I loved that show…

And yeah saint, your parks are bae. (Also could you do the copying thing from the OP, thanks)

Should we have a PCBT Headquarters in Metropolis?

OMFG Ill join you pls im obsessed with the show

WOO :smiley:


All of the old builders have been added again. The link to apply is there.

I would support the motion of the PCBT HQ being in Metropolis, although we’d have to hold a vote.

We should have different offices around the world. It’d be more realistic.

For example “PCBT Offices - Metropolis Branch” or, in my city: “PCBT Offices - Port Royal Branch.”

There’s also the choice of having different transport branches in different cities. Not as realistic, but still an option.

A location has been found!

-3458 64 -6120

Also, yay the whole map was preloaded <3

Will help start this project when my computer is fixed ( at its earliest Wednesday ), but for now the hard drive is shattered… :’(

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