Classic server Hunger Games #1!!!!!

alright title says it all.

here are some basic rules to follow.
1.Everyone who joins will be temp ranked advanced builder unless your rank is higher than that.
2. NO breaking blocks.
3. NO advice from spectators.
4. Try not to build either
5. Do NOT use a sand gun or gravel gun

ok the only command your allowed to use is /gun.
there will be a minute grace period that doesnt allow shooting in the map for 30 seconds.
Winner will Get 10000 cookies!!! :slight_smile:

oh i need help on making the map permissions so that only Trainee-OP and over can break blocks

THE EVENT WILL STAR[size=1em]T SUNDAY OCT 28 7:00 PM Eastern time! post the times you could go on the server and your name to register. Note that we all live in different time zones.


I don’t agree with temp ranking people. To stop people modifying blocks, use /perbuild <name/rank> on the map, unless the command has changed now.
Apart from that, sounds good!

I didn’t even know we had tempranks on this server. Anyways, sounds cool. Unfortunately, (once again) I can’t make it. But good luck andyboy!

I still need to get acquainted with the commands. Plus i cant get on that often

Time i can get on between: 16:00 and 19:00
Timezone +1

hmm im thinking that we cant do survival games without /gun. maybe we could ask kyle to set the command to guest on the day?

Im not sure if mcstorm has /gun…like i said i havnt been on classic that much. Mainly school (not) and other business stuff (true)

yes it has /gun

you dont need to register but i highly recommend it. if you do register you will have a spot in the games. if you dont anyone who gets there first gets your place so please register if your planning to come. if the dates not good i can change it to a week later or something.


ermm what map will this take place on??

IMPORTANT: there have been a mistake. I cant host it on saturday. maybe sunday? please read this. THe map is arenadesert

i’ve seen about 3 threads about the classic hunger games but have they ever been done?


NOTE: you might want to bump the registration date to next week. That way more people may look at this and decide to play. Plus, you can make the map even better :slight_smile:

yeah good idea. ok then next saturday is okay with you guys?

Well… Not rlly… Homework -.-

I can change the /gun permissions for the event. Please keep me posted on when you finally want to do this. Update the first post AND make a new post about date/time.

alright. Updated. please read first post 8) post the times you can get on according to timezone. that will show how much players to expect in the hungergames.

I have a bad feeling no ones gonna join :o

Me too. You always start the thread, people seem kinda interested, then… people ignore your quadruple posts… the interest fades away… then the thread is dead.