Classic OP Command test.

[size=12pt]—If you partake in this test then your grade will be posted below—

Please send all answered questions to me (fatso12321) Your score will be shown below.

Fill out this quiz with as much detail as you can muster! if theirs multiple ways to solve a problem, then say them too! you might earn more points.

TIP!— the number of marks is relevant to the amount of commands and/or stages you must write down.

  1. A player claims that they helped build a house with a friend, but you can only find blocks placed by their friend, what command will you use to aid you in finding out how much of the house they actually built?
    (1 mark)

  2. A guest is claiming that they cant build in guestcity, What will you check for that could be blocking his blocks?
    (2 Marks)

  3. Guestcity is full, how will you empty it quickly and efficiently?
    (2 marks)

  4. A guest has built his home facing the wrong way, how will you turn it around?
    (3 marks)

  5. You find a grief in someone’s work on guestcity, what actions do you take? (please list a step at a time the commands and process you follow)
    (4 marks)

  6. Ohh noes! someone’s work in guestcity was unfinished and they want it back after a map reset, how will you get it back?
    (4 marks)

  7. A guest is being annoying, they will not listen to reason, what steps will you take to deal with them (in ascending order)?
    (5 marks)

  8. Uh oh, active lava is flooding the grass in flatgrass! Why must it be so flat and floodable?! What steps will you take to clear up this mess?
    (6 marks)

| —Results— |
| |
| Ouhai_Ruby-74% |
| Mythbeast-29% |
| Liam599-81% |
| Johnlh97-66% |
| Kedji-81% |
| SwordMaster_-55% |
| arkger-59% |
| Kyle8910-88% |
| gamergirl11-70% |
| Hard24get-66% |
| andy1075-40% |
| vaiovista-44% |
| TheZestyLemon-70% |
| |
| |
| |

Wow, classic is a whole lot more complicated than survival, isn’t it? I think I would score a 1/100.

Can you PM me what I goted wrong?

there are a shittonne of commands admittedly XD

I find classic easier xD Probably because I spent nearly half a year on it

XD I just sent in my thingy. Do i get extra credit for making long and lengthy guesses? XD

whilst you got the idea right on a few of them, you still didnt put down the commands, and that is what this test is all about XD!

Still 29% ehh? =D

:o Dang. I didn’t think i would do so bad. XD Lol, never thought i wold do so bad on something. I coulda swore i had more than that done. :stuck_out_tongue:

Marksheet and questions edited slightly, scores have been changed accordingly

WOOOOO, i made a 29 now!!! :smiley: that is so better than a 30. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just took the test and I would be surprised if I got less than an A. Let’s see how I do!

Perhaps the best answers to this test will make up a new guideline on how to respond to these situations?

88%, highest yet =D, so that no one feels bad about it, it will be quite hard to 100% as one mistake is worth about 4% of the final grade… and no one is perfect!

Also thats quite a good idea kyle! After this has had some time to collect as many results as possible then we can work on making a situations and efficient dealing measures topic or something =D

I only got a 55% ?! 0.o

-resends his- Just making it a bit more detailed, i knew what i was saying, but maybe fatso didnt xD

Was I wrong in numbers 2, 7, and 8? I think 'cause I didn’t follow the marks. :stuck_out_tongue: But ohwell, Top 2 w/ Liam atm :3

Sorry! it was meant to be 66, not 55%.
You did not gain any points on the second attempt

Nope. Kyle has beaten us D: xD

Where was I wrong fatso? xD

+1 I would like to know lol

I can send you the mark ‘scheme’ and the marks I gave you for each answer, but you cannot give it to ANYone else, or it just ruins the idea of this.
Also once you get the mark sheet and your results then you cannot re-take this test.

You sure you want me to send it to you?