Honestly its been brought up before, but i couldn’t find the post. Id like it if we could actually implement the Stair/Chair plug in where you can sit on stairs witch are used as chairs! We’ve been having a lot of events and role play on this server where it becomes pretty fun! Any thoughts? Objections? I believe it does not cause lag or stress the server.

~Ciao, Javi

I say YASSS. I already had a thread on this and a poll. We only got 1 down vote.

Please make this a thing! It’s great for people with a diner or have fancy chairs they made :smiley:

I’ve been wondering about this too… I’d love to have it.

We had it long ago, in Beta 1.2… I’m not sure how intensive it is/was though.

I added a poll :stuck_out_tongue:

I vote yes :smiley:

We had this mentioned in an earlier suggestion, it was denied. The reasoning being that we try to keep this server having some semblance to vanilla or some-such. I’ll go fetch a link.

You have a point Javs I believe this server is ready for it. The only problem I see with it is the resource packs clashing.

cough FTB

Cough* It is down *Cough

Even if it does make it less vanilla, it doesn’t make it any easier to play, unlike fly and homes. I think it’d be a cool addition. :smiley:

Meeeh, I like my minecraft to be close to vanilla.

Even if it takes away from the vanilla aspect you don’t have to use them. It is no different than someone using stairs as chairs and every one standing awkwardly on them.

Adding this mod is just a gateway to other mods. If we accept this one, people will ask for more mods. And in a year from, I wont recognise my PCB any more.

Even if you get a clear majority, it won’t pass. People have been suggesting mods like these for months and none have passed.

  • the majority of staff is pro-vanilla so the odds are not in your favour.

Sorry meant plugin

Im pretty sure its a plug in guibo :stuck_out_tongue: And the threads about it were not rejected, they were just simply forgotten, this is more of a bump thread. And btw this server aint even close to vanilla.

The server is no where close to vanilla, I don’t see how sitting on a stair would make a difference.

honestly chairs are cool and all, but when the hell are we gonna use them? I mean, it sounds cool but it actually is a little unnecessary atm.

Its really for the role play events that we have been having more of lately. Isn’t this mainly a role play server anyways?

i guess to an extent, but what i meant was we are always doing other things rather than sitting in one spot, so it seems a bit unnecessary.