Centralised Crash Thread


Decided to make a new one, the old one was getting cluttered:

Here we can post about the server crashes, all in one place for easier troubleshooting and communication, have a nice day! :smiley:



Something is seriously wrong with the server. The lag is basically unbearable and it kicks 5-10 players every 5 minutes or so.


I agree, it was like the 3rd time it crashed* and its hard to move sometimes witch isn’t normal since it usually happens in the market. Is it a plugin issue where they fight for the ram? Otherwise I hope things get better and thanks for the attention brought to it!

*since i have got on, may have happened much more often


Server down for fixing for the next few minutes


Server bugged when restarting so I had to kill server and restart it, should be fine now.


Server mass-disconnected everybody a few mins ago. A guest came on who I or vaio couldn’t tp to, and everybody (except them) was disconnected.


Just had two full server lag-outs in the past ten minutes.


Ill try to investigate in the morning when less people are on


server lagged out about 30 mins ago


Much lag and many kicks for paste hour or so I think, partly to do with rollbacks though


Just wondering, will updates be posted here after the server is back up from maintenance? :slight_smile:


I got a strange error when trying to log into the server

Failed to login: the server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request

second attempt i was in, but it was a very weird error :\ never seen it before


Is the server more unstable that it was before?


more stable, less crashes, but it lags more often, but not as severe




just crashed, needed restart


We just had Six server time outs in probably about half an hour, the most we could play for was ten minutes with really bad lag.

Currently it seems like the whole thing is down no getting on until its fixed

We got it back now


lagged a lot then crashed


Lag is all from our chestshop plugin at the moment. There is apparently a dev build in the works that will hopefully be released soon. For now, don’t mass buy or sell things (i.e spam click) at the shops.


server crashed, and not coming back online