Centralised Absence Thread

Hi! Not sure if one has been made already but post here if you need to mention anything like going away for holiday etc.

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Stickied this! And sorry guys I havent been on much lately as I used to. Been going through a lot of stuff lately! Ill probs be becoming much more active this month!

Didn’t even know this was a thing.

Leaving for Hong Kong on the 26th for two days, then off to Japan until August 13th.

Im going to Sardinia on the 1st August for a week. Will have internet but not gonna go on forums much or at all.

Going to the mayan reviera on the 3rd of August until the 8th. The resort has wifi, but it may not be good enough to maintain a good connection.

I too will be away from 26th for a week so see you guys when I am home again

bbl, going to barcelona for 2 weeks

Heading to Singapore, Australia and then New Zealand on the 10th.
The place I’m staying should have wifi though.

In mexico, The Hotel does have good Wifi ;D Thank Jesus…

School starts tomorrow for me so my attendance on the server might be a bit spotty the first couple days/weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

And the reason I have not been too active this week was me binge watching glee :stuck_out_tongue: Just finished it today :frowning:

anyways brb


Jetting off today! Going to Sydney for some weeks, but I should have WiFi :signal_strength:

I am leaving tomorrow to go to Spain for two weeks, might be on minechat.

Just at the airport to leave for iceland for a week. Not too sure if I will have time or not to join in-game.

Oo, Iceland! Have fun and make sue you take lots of pictures, I hear it’s beautiful :slight_smile:

Iceland needs a new language. How do they expect us to read it, if they put r’s next to j’s?

Have fun in Iceland! It’s on my bucket list for sure! Take loads of pics!

I am definitely taking a ton of pictures, as it is very beautiful. I will have to update when I get home. As for the language…my family is trying to teach me, and I feel like a complete moron. The J’s and n’s just don’t belong together, and the words are so long!

Have you visited Eyjafjnallajokull? (The volcano that recently destroyed Europe). :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to New York for the Thanksgiving holidays. I’ll be gone from November 24 to November 27.
I’m taking a 17 hour train ride to and from, so I’ll probably be able to get on forums and Minechat over that time period, otherwise we’ll be really busy, trying to go as many places as possible, so I’ll probably only be able to get on forums and Minechat at night.
Please let me know of there’s something cool you think I should check out, and I’ll see if I have enough time to go.