Centralised 1.8 Issues Thread

This thread is for posting issues found on the server since our update to 1.8. The thread will be continuously updated and you can find a list below. If we cross out the issue that means we believed we've fixed but if for some reason we cross out the issue and it still occurs let us know.

[size=small]1)When creepers explode they do no player damage.
2) Logblock is inaccessible to trusted down The permissions for Log Block have been taken away for non staff
[size=1em]3) The /cmodify command isn’t working
4) The /tppos commands isn’t working for trusted and below it appears to be working make sure you ar typing it correctly if not then or tppos, just try /tp x,y,z
5) The /pweather command doesn’t appear to work when the /weather command is in effect
6) some players began with 30 while others began 500
7) Banned players have been able to come back on
8) When Item Frames are locked it appears they cannot be unlocked

(Please cross these off as the issues become resolved)

[size=6px]If an Issue has already been posted there is no need to post again.
[size=1em]Staff: Post sensitive issues in the staff thread!

[size=1.35em]Before posting I would like to remind you all that [size=1.35em]Lag is NOT an issue[size=1.35em].

[size=12px]Sometimes when you mine a block it reappears. This can get very annoying. One time i had to mine the same block at least 5 times for it to finally stay mined.
[size=12px]I'm not sure if this is an issue on our side or the update.. but has anybody noticed the buggy/laggy inventory?[size=12px]I go to move stuff and it doubles for a second, goes back or I set it down and when I exit my inv or the chest, the block is laying on the floor
[size=x-small]THIS IS LAG

Logblock not being accessible is probably intentional

this command /comdify player doesnt work ,i tried to add my brother to my chest but its not working

I’m not sure if this is an issue on our side or the update… but has anybody noticed the buggy/laggy inventory?
I go to move stuff and it doubles for a second, goes back or I set it down and when I exit my inv or the chest, the block is laying on the floor… Not sure if anything can be done about that… I just wanted to know if it’s not just me…

It’s /cmodify [PlayerNameHere] Don’t put the brackets. Or is this what you are trying to type?

It isn’t just you, I get it from time to time. I just try to live with it lol. Though not sure if there would be a fix for this, most likey just because the server is lagging.

No thats the same command that won’t work sacred.

Also wanna point out the obvious problem about the website saying the sever is offline.

Ah, alright wasn’t entirely sure if he was typing it in correctly.

Well since that doesn’t work then try the password lock command? I don’t know it off of the top of my head though.

Its /cpassword (password), not able to try ATM so of someone else could and let us know it it works?

Some special variants of /i may not be working
I can’t execute /i 43:8 to get the double slab block anymore. The chat says “Giving 1 of double stone slab” (or something along those lines) but nothing appears in my inventory.

Exact same chat output and result with /i 43:5, 43:6, 43:7… etc.

/tppos not working for Trusted (and below, presumably)

/pweather appears to be prohibited when a /weather command is in effect

1.8 removed the ability to hold certain blocks in your inventory. Nothing can be done about that.

For tppos, just try /tp x,y,z

I’m not sure about pweather

/tppos worked for me and I have used it on many occasions… Could be a typing error or maybe the sever was just really laggy when you typed it?

Some players have only been given $30 to start with. Others have started with $500.

Buddy_rich, Whiteunicorn99 and busterlef have received $470 to correct this.

We need to find a solution for the others.

Some people seem to be getting on server even though they are banned.

also /cmodify [playername] isn’t working.

Yeah I think that they aren’t actually on, they try to join and get kick but it doesn’t say in chat.

Also /cpassword works, I checked myself.

They had joined before I had fixed the issue, and were not online whenever I did the fix, I did not realize that they hadnt gained their money.

i got $30 but i gave it to Javi because i don’t need money,and so i don’t want the rest of the $470, sooooooo if you could just give it to other players that would be great, Thanks!

Server is down right now and _andy is trying to fix it.
the problem lays with the dynamap being SUPER high quality rendering

Server is back up thx to Andy

perhaps we should just pre-render the whole map so that this doesn’t happen.

the problem wasn’t the rendering the map. but that every chunk that people where on was on high quality which makes everything slow. i think