Catch up with Red ;P

Hey guys, i miss y’all. I thought you’d all maybe wanna know what’s goin’ on in my life atm.
Firstly, i’m taking my music more seriously from now on, i’m staring a new YouTube Channel tomorrow

If you could take the time to check that out i’d appreciate it :slight_smile:
And i also got my first, of hopefully many to come, tattoos today on my wrist :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Red! What it is that you do musically? I’m studying level 3 extended diploma at college. It’s fun but a lot of hard work.

I know its just a number, but I subbed with all 3 of my youtubes. I hope you’re good :stuck_out_tongue:

Somebody That I Used to Know [Gotye]
Wonderwall [Oasis]

No… Just. No…
shuns for playing wonderwall
That’s the easiest song ever. ><

Yes hard it is, it’s a momento though. It’s the first song I ever learnt :slight_smile:
Thankyou Ouhai that’s really kind of you :slight_smile: and well I missed the opportunity to take music courses at college it didn’t strike me as interesting back then. So Atm im readying a set list to start playing places :slight_smile:

I subbed also :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m indecisive in regards to tattoos. They can look cool, but I dislike pain, and its easy to regret them later on in life xD

i agree, ill probably regret it, but, life’s about taking risks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and i saw that you did, thank you. My own song is actually uploading first.

What set up do you use for stuff? Like, guitar, amp, recording system etc. I like having music-techy conversations xD

I have two fender mustang guitars from the first ever production line of guitars with fender written on. I have a limited edition 20th anniversary fender squier bass. I have an acoustic that’s like ancient :L it has a great sound though ?:stuck_out_tongue: I have a HD numark microphone, i use mixcraft 5 for editing my actual tracks and cleaning them up etc. I have a rockwell 40w amp, and PA thats like 100.

Any songs i record end up here:

Sounds pretty good xD I need to get myself a new bass pretty soon. I bought my current one for something like £60 when I was in year 7, so its a 3/4 size because I was short. I’m still short, but its too small now xD
I have an Epiphone G400 SG Guitar, Encore something or other idk meh bass, crappy little Drive bass amp, but it has served me well over the years, a line 6 spider III 75 watt, line 6 POD GX Computer interface, Zoom B2.1u bass pedal and a line 6 Floor POD guitar fx pedal. Might sell the Floor POD and just but an amp channel selector switch with wah pedal, as the distortion on the floor POD is… well… crap.

That’s cool man, and yeah i saw ur guitar on youtube, its awesome :L mines on my old channel redxundead. :stuck_out_tongue: and yeah, i used to have a pedal too, i didn’t get on with it though, my friend has a pedal board with like 20 pedals on :L its insane lol.
and line 6 amps are the best :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to get a bass… I’m looking at some but I don’t have a job or money at the moment…

A forum thread where people can post music related videos that they have done would be good on here :stuck_out_tongue: I cba putting stuff on youtube anymore, I just watched part of my video that you commented on, and dear god it sounds awful…

Well I subscribed. I actually just recently decided to get a bit more active in my channel. It has been months since i last uploaded a new video. Maybe now I can get a few more views on my channel. :stuck_out_tongue:

just saying, my tattoo took about 3 hours in the chair, looks great, is colored, and i almost fell asleep getting it because it only hurt on my scapula.

as far as regrets go, none as of now, but i don’t think i will be getting anymore (as much as i want to)… my girlfriend dosn’t approve of getting random tats without probable cause or reason.

Red i will be adding you tonight or tomorrow.

I think i may get a tattoo some time. My friend got one a while back (found someone who didn’t care that he wasn’t old enough) the only problem with it was that he had a little muscle spasm in the middle of it, so it kinda has a little line that you don’t notice unless he tells you about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also found out that my uncle’s usual tattoo guy, makes around 170k a year. He is usually booked for like several months before you can get a good time.

sweet shadow sounds awesome, hearing that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: has helped make my mind up lol, tbh though, as far as tattoo’s go, i think i’d only ever get like black tribal shit like this one. I think thats the product of far too many our on fable :’) My girlfriends annoyed i posted it on facebook before telling her :L

And mythy, you have to sit like dead still, tbh it barely hurts :L its just an annoying little scratch feeling.

kinda like a cat scratch from hell, but still, if you get used to it like i did, you will wanna fall asleep while getting it

Yes exactly :L
It got really boring for me half way through :L

that is why i almost fell asleep. mine is on my shoulder, so i laid down while he did mine