So, some of us are reaching that age where we’ve gotta decide what career we’d like, or what degree we’d like to study, I thought it’d be nice to make a thread where we all say what we’re interested in doing.

I know that certain people can’t say exactly what they’re doing, or don’t feel comfortable in disclosing such info, in which case just divulge as much as you’d like to. :smiley:

In my case, I’m going to Uni to study Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Engineering, hopefully coming out 4 years later to work in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

That’s me anyways, if anyone has any questions on my choice, feel free to ask, otherwise I’m dying to hear what you guys want to do/are doing/studying.

I’m currently a cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point, in my third year.
Computer Science Major. Probably branching Signal Corps. After graduation i’ll be an officer in the Army for however many years until I eventually get out and get a civilian job somewhere.

I’m going to move forward and become an artist, just taking advantage of something I’m good at and enjoy.

For anyone that wonders what I’ve drawn lately:

And of course:



That’s fucking awesome, really good work.

I planned on joining my countries defense forces, specifically the air corps as an officer. Unfortunately, they don’t accept people who suffer from colourblindness. It’s the same for any department of the defense forces, from infantry to navy.

I wanna be an Astrophysicist! :stuck_out_tongue:
No seriously, it’s someone who studies the universe to find something new about it. It sounds cool. But to be one, I have to have a masters degree in math, chemistry and physics. cracks knuckles Here we go!


Yup, I wanted to study astrophysics too. I fucking love astronomy man, and I have interest in learning how things work. However, I love chemistry just that little bit more :stuck_out_tongue:

I plan to major in architecture and minor in business maybe

I was studying High Quality Furniture Designs / Carpenter. but yeah got side tracked by my mental state.
Now im in a giant black hole

I’m currently at the second year of a master degree in Civil Engineer !

I’m prob going into business and management. Next year in school i’m taking a class on that in tech so :smiley:

I am hoping to do a degree involving Biology or Psychology in university.Then after that I would love to become a research scientist. WOOOO science!

I am gonna go into architecture.

Software engineer :slight_smile:

Currently in my second year of studying Environmental Earth Science in university. It’s basically a mix of primarily geology, with certain aspects of geography, chemistry and physics in it. Maybe a bit of biology too I guess.

No idea what I want to do after uni, which kind of slightly maybe entirely completely terrifies the shit out of me as I’m half way through already… time goes fast. So not ready to get a job.

Uhem – Computer Forensics anyone?

Anyways, Im a senior in High school (12th Grade/Grade 12). I am about to compete at a community college to get a fully paid scholarship for their computer forensics course.(Associate’s Degree)

During school, I plan on doing some free-lance work recovering files and whatnot. Afterwards, the prof. helps the graduates find steady, well-paying jobs in the field easily.

Probably going get a good job as a billionaire- if that doesn’t work I can settle for being a millionaire.

Seriously though, I’m interested in something like chemical engineering or geology, I fucking love science. Gotta study that geography, chemistry and maths though.

Oh god I can only imagine where I’ll be after I finish university. To start off I’m working to achieve a bachelors degree, it’s my second year of Uni and my major is Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. My major used to be Music for one semester but it was too performance based for my liking thus i switched my major and declared my minor for Music Technology instead where it’s more creative based.

My general idea is to work with big name record labels, bands, artists or maybe even simply running a radio station. I currently have limited experience as a radio host at my school where I co-host a show with one of my friends for college radio. I’m not sure what I want to do exactly, but I want to take the opportunities as they come along. It’s kinda scary not knowing exactly where I’ll end up in the future, but I currently do value my education and the things I am learning about so I guess that’s good and important.

How is it being on the radio, honestly? I have a few friends that have thought about that, and have even asked me what I thought. I’ve never been certain abou how to describe it.

I mean I dont have a huge audience, we get like less than 5 listeners per show, most of the time its just our parents haha. It’s fun though, we play what we want (which is a modern rock - classic rock crossover station), we fill our queue, we play the legal stuff advertisements and the station ID, but when you’re talking I guess you just feel like you’re in control and you’re having a casual conversation with yourself or whoever is in the station with you. Normally on my show when me and my friend talk it’s about school stuff or upcoming events, not so much personal stuff. Overall a fun experience.

My ultimate goal is to teach English as a foreign language to students in Japan. Maybe @madant79 can give me a few pointers? :smiley: My other considerably important hobbies include Japan, photography, and demographics/sociology. I’m also an avid fan of music and have played around with a Novation Launchpad.

If you’d like to check out my media stuffz:

Photography: (I don’t use it for social media, just a place to upload photos)