Somehow, I managed to un-addict myself from PCB. I thought it was impossible, don’t ask me how I did it.
I’ve decided that I’m going to use this as an opportunity to take a break from PCB

testamentum meam:
do lego Jmvvana de Lucite Prymontem.
do lego Asmodean, amicorum meorum de ludo[sup][1][/sup], urbem in montem.
do lego primo homo hic legere, pecuniam meum.

[1] ludus being school, not game.

Goodbye. We all know, however, that you never truly leave PCB.

They all come back.

Have fun anyways!

But… but… but trains…


NEVER FEAR! Amphi is here!

Come back soon. We’ll take care of Prymont for you…

I hope you re-addict yourself…

Bai, yo.

Come back whenever.

I’ll be back…sometime. I’m drowning in APUSH right now and it’s my junior year of high school so it’s time to load up those extracurriculars for the universities.

Hope to see you around sometime, @VirBinarus.

You’re doing US history in junior year? Didn’t think that was one of the options. Interesting…

I took AP US History my Junior year of high school. It’s a fairly common thing.

Barely pulled a 3 on the final exam. Good luck with that course, Angel.

Also happy day of cake.

No don’t go! Not before Halloween!
Anyway, I’m in 10th Grade and I ace in US History. It’s easier than my other classes. I’m looking at you English! Spanish is ok. Not English.

I don’t do haloween XD,
that would be another reason to go now :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m surprised no-one’s claimed it yet. Did I get my noun endings wrong?

@VirBinarus Im 18 and I still do halloween :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t dressed for halloween in years. Too lazy to come up with ideas. I just mooch candy off of my siblings, although since I have some money put away this year due to working over the summer, might just buy myself some and stash it away. xD

“Halloween” to me is “Fucking around with a bunch of candy with my friends.”


I wan’t saying that I’m too old.
I’ve never done it.

Don’t get him started.

(Pleeaassee don’t)

Have a nice break from PCB! Hope you come back…

He’ll be back. They always come back. Hell, I’ve been unable to leave, no matter how long I disappear.

Still no-one?
It’s almost as if Latin’s a dead language :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re giving your money to the first person that reads it?