''Build'' Bank

I have had this idea for quite a while now, but didn’t want to write a post on it until after the creative reset. I was thinking that for vehicle / transportation ‘‘companies’’ like PCBt (or whatever its called now) and my ferry company, there could be a small map where there are basically big plots for each company (or person, whichever works) to build floating ships, trains, cars, aircraft, UFOs (for space themed cities) etc. Now they would preferably be in the air, perhaps 1-2 blocks off the ground so that they could be moved to their proper places, ex: train track. Schematica would make this possible, as long as it abides by the schematica rules. If schematica is banned, then world edit would be a backup however that would basically break the whole convenience of what I’m suggesting. Basically my suggestion would just make everything easier - not having to place a train and rebuild every detail the exact same way as the other train if they are the same type of trains. It would require a small map, or could be similar to /warp pixel in that its in the corner of the map. If you are wondering how organizing something like this would work, it would be simple. It would basically go like this:

Plot, Example: Plot #021
Player/Company, Example: RJBud1 / PCBFerryLink
Vehicle, Example: Train
Type of vehicle, Example: Shinkansen Train
Location to put Vehicle Example: Sanibel
Livery of vehicle, Example: [Any real life Livery] / PCBt

(and maybe even more specific details).

Anyways please take my suggestion into consideration. There are definitely some flaws but they can probably be worked out and in the end we could have a very simple, efficient and easy way to make PCB Transportation Systems/Companies. Thanks.

If this were to go ahead, this could just go on the Dev map cos it would probably take up a lot of space

I tots agree, Construction companies too? or only transportation

I think if we were to do this, it should be for anything that people want to make open source for others to use, rather than just the narrow scope of ships or planes etc.

Other things could be, trees, gardens, buildings etc etc.

I was on board till this bit. No thanks to buildings, we don’t need the map filled with cookie-cutter cities

Yea, I like the idea of these pcb companies that everyone could use in their city too. Buildings seems a bit too extreme though

I said could be

Tbf, I’m not wholly invested in the idea to begin with, just offering guidance

So essentially, car yard+ tree nursery + other things, it would end up quite large dontcha think

isn’t this what /warp templates is for

The plots at warp templates are WAYYY to small. I was thinking some trains or other things could be 40-50 blocks long. Besides it really wouldn’t look that good, IMHO. And no, buildings would be stupid to have. Imagine bigcity with just a bunch of pre-made buildings. Pretty stupid. Although if we were to have something like a Pokemon center (couldn’t think of a better example, sorry) I guess that could be pre-made since literally every Pokemon Center is the same. But yes I think construction companies could work as long as its only things like chain-buildings (McDonald’s, they are almost always the same and look the same) though then you might wanna build 5 different McDonald’s to have the variety of different MCDonalds, if that makes sense. Cranes and construction vehicles could also be built here. If the idea is a go ahead, then I could even build stuff for people like cranes if they are not confident in their vehicle building abilities, further simplifying things.

YES YES YES YES YES!!! finally a way to steal other players builds without getting in trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

There are already a few cars and trains at template, we can make bigger plots

So what do you want to do, if not plots?

We should have 120x120 plots for each company who wants to participate. I think 60x60 could be the lowest because some people build big stuff. We can’t just have little 5x5 plots with cars that have no detail

implying plots change quality of builds

also, “company”?

Yes company, example: PCBt
Or it can go for a single person or a group of people

And yes, plot size changes quality of builds. I’ve always hated small plots because when I build I end up going off the side of the plot and that ruins everything. You can put more detail into bigger stuff anyways.

For vehicles, plants, and things of that sort, you can’t make it bigger unless you make the scale bigger (or you decide to add a bunch of train cars). I think we could have 10x10, 20x20, and 50x50 plots for most stuff, and then maybe an open area for trains.

And do you have to be a company to build, or can anyone start building in an empty plot?

I made the initial templates warp for potential new maps a while ago. You guys can feel free to make larger plots on the outside or just group the smaller ones together for what’s needed.

Thats what I mean, scale. I do all me vehicles in 2:1 scale so I can superdetail them, and I’m sure others do to. And no, you do not have to be a company to build. That would be ridiculous. Anyone can start building though I think it would be wise if a staff was there to approve a certain plot because someone might have a plot and may not have built anything there or wiped it. But then again, some people could just make outright horrible builds and make the place ugly. But hey, PCB isn’t about regulating build quality, at least for the individual who isn’t building in someone- elses area.

We could have a situation similar to /warp map in Dev,

Id be glad to make plots if this plan gets a green light

Wasn’t this /warp ideas? Given that was interiors, but it didn’t go far before being abandoned