Finally we are posting the time and date of the games!

All the time posted below is on SERVER TIME (GMT).

 OPENING Ceremony: 17:30 of the 6th of NOVEMBER (Next Sunday).

SUNDAY (6th):

Water Marathon (18:00)
Races P1 (18:30)
Triathlon (19:00)

MONDAY (7th):

Parkour P1 (23:30)

TUESDAY (8th):

Swimming P1 (23:30)


Swimming P2 & Parkour P2 (23:00-00:00)


Athletism: Throwig (23:30)

FRIDAY (11th)

Atheltism: Jumping (22:30)
Artistic Gymnastics P1 (22:50)
Swimming P3 (23:20)
Bow and Arrow P1 (23:40)


Swimming P4 (15:30)
Athletism: Racing (16:00)
Artistic Gymnastics P2 (16:20)
Bow And Arrow P2 (23:00)
Spleef (23:20)
Athletism: Racing (23:40)
Penthatlon (00:00)
Ice Racing (00:20)

SUNDAY (13th)

Elytra (17:00)
MARATHON (23:00)
Ending Ceremony (00:40)

That’s it thanks for everyone and please, be there on our games! :smiley:

I’ll make sure to be there.

looks great!

I may not be able to come on Sunday though!

Look awesome!! I will do my best to be there! =D

So much fun, but kinda short notice no?

Awesome, I’ll be sure to attend #GoLucite

There have been several announcements, dates were announced a while back but the actual agenda is new

 Yeah. btw, we have finished everything, and waiting for you for the olympic ceremony.

Este the opening ceremony was great! You nailed it! The sports were cool too.

Sadly i wont be able to participate on Monday-Friday, but i will be on Saturday and Sunday! :wink:

Cya there everyone!

Hey Legoal!
It was a pleasure staying with you on the games today! Lamentably you will not be with us on the week, but we are waiting for you on the weekend!

Sorry for any language mistake, :wink:
Tuzao (BDA Owner and one of the BDA Olympic Games Organizer)

So did anyone catch screenshots or videos to document this? Just curious because I didn’t get to jump on today!

Budapest Olympics (First Day) Screenshots:

Opening Ceremony (Marina):


Opening Ceremony (Facing the Capital District):


March to the Olympics:


March to the Olympics (Pool):


Swimming (from Budapest Olympics Stadium to Frank Island) from the Starting Line:


Swimming (from Budapest Olympics Stadium to Frank Island) Winners:


I don’t have any screenshots in between the first game, and the last game, of the first day. Skipping to the last game…

Triathlon (from Budapest Olympics Stadium to Frank Island Town Hall) Winners:


Now that the first day’s over, I would like to comment on the management of this year’s Games:
The advertising and hype was certainly there. 22 players arrived for the Opening Ceremony; although only 11-15 players (couldn’t count) actually was attending. This may have been because of few players reading chat in order to learn about the ceremony - a important thing to note for further towns hosting the Games.
Estevao, Tuzao and Leo did a good job of managing the first game which I attended. However, I note that the number of players slightly dropped in between the announcement that the game was starting in 30 minutes and the actual starting of the game, showing a lack of interest. Perhaps a announcement shouldn’t mark the start of players arriving at the site?
The games also involved multiple players constantly being behind the majority due to poor decisions or starting time - and I believe a great deal could’ve been done to improve the fairness of the games.
There also was a good spirit of sportsmanship in the games, something I would like to commend seeing the previous happenings when players tried to play something together.
Also, I would like to note the lack of skill required for the first few games. They were fun, of course- but more skill in the games would be much more fun!
That being said, I rather enjoyed the one game I participated in and the Opening Ceremony. Good job to the organisers, and I hope further organisers can make a Games as fun as you did!
TL;DR - Nice job on getting everyone on to play, some work needed on making the games more fair and not everyone knew about it beforehand

Thanks for everything guys! You made it awesome. Thanks for the pics, brood, and for the tips, mount. We will consider everything to make the next days of games much better in all possible ways,

maybe change the weather?

Wish I was there! My computer is broken :frowning:

Is Clayton hosting the one after Hokkaido?

I dont think its a good idea to plan that far ahead in the future, but I dont see why not

@PrinceMark I’m trying to make a AG Style cinematic vid ;D ;D

Freehold is hosting, after Hokkaido. I’ve made plans to build the stadium.

Wasn’t it Budapest-Hokkaido-Clayton-Freehold?

We should create an IOC and vote for the order, before it gets messy