Bot attacks on flatgrass

Recently i have been encountering a lot of bots ‘attacking’ flatgrass, within the last week or so i think ive caught and banned about 5 or 6 of them, latest one under the player name of ‘jrftgysfdsreq’, ive been zoning places like roads and the spawn point to counter this as well as buildings to the people who made them using about, i ask that if anyone spots a player online with a randomly generated name, to write the name down, find them, see if they are griefing, and kick/ ban, tempban them or report them to an op, advbuilder or forums if you do not have the power, cheers

I Have ban more then 4 in one day on flat grass

Yeah, I’ve banned alot of people lately.

Bot attacks? What exactly are they doing?

Also, if they happen to have the same IP address (which I doubt), you can send that to me and I’ll IP ban them.

they systematically delete every block they can, and its always a different ip =/ ive been banning ips too


Andy, it’s best you add a new motd on the server, which is -bots. This will prevent any bots from entering the server.

Interesting. Had no idea such a motd command existed. Thanks Kedji :slight_smile:

Bad news Andy. My bot had no trouble logging in…

At least the - bots lets people know they are not wanted. I don’t mind if people use bots, just as long as they use them responsibly.

Is it perhaps because my bot is Adv? Anyone else try it yet? I will do some testing with mine.

If the whole copying thing should get out of hand, they’d have the ability to steal the entire bigcity (or any other) map with ease :frowning:

Well, copying any map can be done without a bot. WOM has that function…

another thing in flatgrass, huge ass line of tnt. cant findout who made it, it either tells me lots of different things, or just ‘not been modified blah blah reset’

tnt was me its if andy dies just in case

Oops! Completely forgot! I guess that reflects how much I play classic these days

well the tntn cuts through peoples buildings…

“wougzy”, add it to the ban list -.-
on another note anyone wanna recommend me for OP for when no one else is around?