Anyone here read? Anyone else a huge nerd like me? Surely I can’t be the only one.

All self-mocking aside, I’ve been reading some really interesting books as of late, and now I hunger for more…

Got any favourite books, authors, genres? Tell me, I’m dying to know.

Bonus points if you know what book my profile pic is from.

I recommend ‘Gone’ by Michael Grant (my favorite book series ever).

I also recomend ‘The knife of never letting go’ by Patrick ness, the enemy by Charlie Higson, and Timeriders by Alex scarrow, and especially the hunger games.

As childish as it sounds I love the Demonata series by Darren Shan, started reading them when I was younger

I like the saga of darren shan too but it didnt grasp me as the demonata did.

You want Science Fiction to read, you come to me. I…I can got some stuff sniff if you…know what I mean…

Transformers Exodus


and some ppl around me like the book Maze runner : u know where a movie cam out of lately

I personally really liked Divergent, The Fault in our Stars, and Paper Towns. These might just seem like teen girl books, but they are really good.

Divergent is ok, but still a little too much like the hunger games.

What’s a book?

stephen king is my favorite author, i recommend him

Warhammer 40000

I hate reading, so many things more fun id rather do. the one book I liked was “spy cat” XD

Oh, anything John Green.

Winter of the World by Ken Follett

Any history nerds need to read the trilogy on Alexander the great by Valerio Massimo Manfredi, it’s pretty damn good.

If that’s too complicated, an old favourite of mine a while back was “Cat in the hat.” Great read, very well thought out story, although there is a lack of character development.

Time Riders, Skullduggery Pleasant (all 9 of them), H.I.V.E. Also any George Orwell book, hitchiker’s guide

H.I.V.E is an amazing series. I read some of them but then I couldn’t find the other books at the library. :frowning:

Hive is great, but I stopped reading them after the fifth one.

Timeriders on the other hand, well I just can’t wait for the next one in the series. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS DAMN IT!

Wait people have actually read time riders? :O! I got the 3rd book signed by the author, never really got round to reading it because I haven’t been able to get my hands on the first book :’(

My favorite book series is the Chronicles of the Black Company, by Glen Cook. The 10 book series centers around a mercenary company and its members in the service of a dark empire in a high fantasy / medieval setting. The books come in omnibus editions.

Octo, I fucking loved the Skullduggery Pleasant books when I was younger. They’re kids books, but the story and some of the stuff that happens throughout them is pretty damn dark. I remember one description of someone basically being crushed, bones shattering and piercing through their skin, then they’re left as just a mangled mess. Eesh.

I don’t read so much anymore, but I did really like the Anthony Horowitz Alex Rider series (Stormbreaker, Point Blanc, etc). Especially Ark Angel - it was the first one I read for some reason. I don’t think I ever fully finished the series actually…

I also quite like reading autobiographies if the person particularly interests me. Ben Collins - I am the Stig is extremely interesting. The guy who was Top Gear’s The Stig used to be in the SAS, stunt driver in films, F1 test driver, race driver for multiple motorsports. He’s just pretty fucking badass. I also have Dave Grohls biography, but when someone else is writing it it’s not as good.

I used to read loads as a kid, not so much anymore, I just don’t give myself the time to do it.