Minecraft Username: DarkCBZ

Date of Ban: 19-12/2021

Banned by: Baneoverpowers

Reason for Ban: Continuing to disrespect the rules of PCB; Griefing. Appeal at Banned? Read Me.

Reason to be Unbanned: I didn’t grief anything the only thing I did was build a diamond and gold block house on a small island were there wasn’t any other people.

Previous appeals: nope

I made it clear at least three times that you should read the rules. You were also informed more than once in chat to build a reasonable distance (200+ blocks) away from anyone’s projects. After all that, you still built within 50 blocks of Breadhead12’s project.

Because this is not a major offense, you will be unbanned in 30 minutes. During those 30 minutes, be sure to reread and understand the rules here. Do remember that repeating these offenses will have greater consequences.